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Student Guide to Employment - Reporting Time

As a student employee, hours worked are reported in MaineStreet. Who actually enters the time is dependent on the department. Some departments have the payroll processor enter the time in MaineStreet, some have the students enter it themselves and the time approver for the department approves the time for pay. Your employer will tell you when you get hired how to report time.

If you are required to submit your time in MaineStreet yourself, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to MaineStreet at
  2. Click on Employee Self-Service on the MaineStreet Menu
  3. Click Time Reporting
  4. Click Report Time
  5. Click Time Sheet
  6. Choose the appropriate job (if you have more than one job on campus)
  7. Enter appropriate time (if you need more lines, click the + button on the right)
  8. Click Submit

If you have questions about how to submit/enter time, please speak with your time approver or payroll processor in your department.

For a printable PDF of instructions on how to enter time, click here.

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