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Working with Student Employees - Approving Student Hours

Regardless of who enters the student’s time, it is an employer responsibility to approve the time in MaineStreet. Time must be approved by the approval date on the Student Payroll Schedule in order for the student to get paid in that pay period.

The time approver should make sure that all the time on a student’s timesheet is accurate and that all time worked is accounted for. The time approver should be able to verify that the student has worked the hours they submitted. If the time approver is reviewing time for another supervisor, they should have been provided with adequate information to accurately approve the hours worked.

When approving time, change the date to reflect the beginning of the semester. This will ensure that all student time is being approved.

If a student worked longer than 6 hours in a payday and did not take a 30-minute lunch, please make sure a break waiver form is included in the student’s employment file.

The time approver is responsible for the time they approve — the electronic approval of the student’s time serves as an equivalent to a physical signature.

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