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Student Job Classifications - Student Laborer V

Job 9543
Pay Level V

• • •

General Description
Student is responsible for performing a wide variety of highly complex technical and manual tasks often requiring heavy physical exertion. Students performing this job work under little to no direct supervision and are expected to use a high level of independent judgment.

Duties (may include but not limited to)
Maintains cleanliness of all areas assigned, including equipment
Operates power equipment including small- to medium-sized power tools
Maintains an inventory of supplies
Picks up, delivers and stores materials
Assists with set-up and break-down of event-specific equipment and supplies
Specific duties differ depending on department

Additional Requirements (may include but not limited to)
Must have a good work ethic
May need to have a valid driver’s license
Must be able to lift 20+ lbs
Must understand operation of basic equipment
Specific skill set may be required depending on department
Must sign a confidentiality agreement

The description above reflects the general duties and requirements considered necessary to perform the principal functions of the job and shall not be considered a comprehensive description of all work requirements which may be inherent to the position. Individual departments may have specific requirements not detailed above.


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