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Student Job Classifications - Student Child Care Aide II

Job 9511
Pay Level II

• • •

General Description
Student is responsible for performing routine work in a day care setting under moderate supervision while exercising independent judgment and initiative. Student is responsible for providing a safe, stimulating environment for young children and assisting in the implementation of developmentally appropriate curriculum for group activities to encourage learning and development of social interaction skills.

Duties (may include but not limited to)
Assists in planning and implementing daily programs
Takes attendance and maintains simple records
Leads exercises and conducts activities
Works with supervisor in planning activities and programs
Prepares and leads play, reading and quiet-time activities
Keeps the supervisor informed of special needs of children
Attends required training sessions
Supervises room(s) for children during rest periods
Provides care such as dressing, feeding, toiletry (including diapering) and comforting
Performs general housekeeping responsibilities (sweeping, washing off tables, etc.)

Additional Requirements (may include but not limited to)
Has the ability to safely lift children ages 6 weeks to 6 years
Exhibits personality traits appropriate for working with children
Must be prepared to get dirty and work both indoors and outdoors with children
Must be responsible, trustworthy and friendly
Must be 18 years old or older
Must sign a confidentiality agreement
May be required to complete CPR or safety training

The description above reflects the general duties and requirements considered necessary to perform the principal functions of the job and shall not be considered a comprehensive description of all work requirements which may be inherent to the position. Individual departments may have specific requirements not detailed above.


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