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Careers in Sociology - Graduate Schools and Opportunities (updated 11-26-13)

We have the latest versions of the ASA Guide to Graduate Programs in Sociology in the office at 201 Fernald Hall.

And here are some links you might find helpful:

Eastern Kentucky University’s Criminal Justice master’s degree program has 22 well-funded research assistantships.

Criminology and criminal justice are areas in which many people have career interests. Adding the Crime, Law, Deviance concentration to your degree program will assure that you have the background needed should you choose to continue on for a master’s degree in criminology or criminal justice or begin your career in these fields. Click here for an article about job growth in criminology and criminal justice.

ASA (Amerian Sociological Association) Graduate Programs in Environmental Sociology and Environmental Studies

ASA (Amerian Sociological Association) advice for those thinking about Graduate School

Information compiled from websites of universities offering MA only programs in sociology in 2010


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