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Alumni Memories and Stories

Jocelyn Emery ’09, Alto 1

To be honest, the whole reason I came to UMaine was because of University Singers. Singers came to my high school when I was a freshman and I was blown away. I HAD to be a part of that group! My high school dream of being a University Singer came true in the fall of 2004 when I was woken up early one September morning to a catastrophic ruckus at my door. In my sleepy, confused state I opened the door to a crew of smiling faces saying, “Congratulations, Jocelyn! Welcome to University Singers!” The five years I spent at UMaine flew by and I was so blessed to be a part of Singers and Renaissance for the duration of my college years. Thinking back on the Northeastern Tours, singing at Carnegie Hall in NYC and traveling to Italy in May of ’08 brings the most magnificent smile to my face. Now that I have moved on from UMaine and am out in the “real world”, I realize how much I took for granted while I was in college; that I was a part of not only an amazingly talented group of singers, but also wonderful people and friends. I feel so fortunate to have been a part of University Singers and I am confident that years from now I will look back on my college days and think, “‘Twas brillig…”

Some special memories: Jeff Hollowell running across the stage with a fake tree during the women’s piece at a spring concert, gatherings at 191 Center, watching Renaissance kick butt in ICCA’s, walking through lemon orchards in Sorrento, laughing till my sides hurt.

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