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Three Senior Companion Program Volunteers hold handsThe mission of the Senior Companion Program is to provide the opportunity for meaningful relationships for Senior Companions and their clients throughout Maine. Through the Senior Companion Program, talented, active individuals age 55 and older serve as volunteers providing companionship to homebound adults. In order to fulfill this mission, the following goals have been defined:

  • To provide cost effective alternatives to institutionalization by encouraging the independence of Maine’s older adult population.
  • To promote a high quality of life for Senior Companions and their clients.
  • To provide a formal structure within which Senior Companions come together to attain a common understanding of the services they provide.
  • To recognize and reward the efforts of Senior Companion volunteers.

To help Maine people to improve their lives through an educational process that uses research-based knowledge focused on community issues and needs.


For information about the Senior Companion Program, call us at (207) 581-3870 or 1-800-287-0274 (in Maine) or  e-mail us at