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Welcome to the The Office of Multicultural Student Life

Welcome to the Office of Multicultural Student Life at the University of Maine!

Here, we believe education must include learning about the diverse nature of our world; therefore, we create experiences for learning about cultures, social equality and the development of leadership skills.

Our commitment is to create a community of responsible individuals who seek to understand the relevance of each member. We hope to create dialogues to facilitate this understanding and to help our faculty, staff and students experience the richness that a diverse community can bring to an institution of higher education. This sense of diverse community includes, but is not limited to, our responsibility to persons from different geographic origins and ethnicity, sex, gender, gender identity and expression, immigration status, language, socioeconomic class, employment status, family configuration, sexual orientation, physical, developmental, and psychological ability; veteran’s status, age and generation; religious, spiritual, faith-based, and secular beliefs; physical appearance, political affiliation and, the exercise of rights secured by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs seeks to actively support the administration of the University of Maine in creating and sustaining a welcoming and affirming campus climate. In doing so, we foster students’ development of skills they need to compete in and hopefully change their world in such a way that all will be received as equals.