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Conley Speech, Language and Hearing Center - Speech-Language Clinic

Adult SpeechThe Speech-Language Clinic provides speech and/or language diagnostic and therapeutic services to clients across the lifespan: preschoolers with speech/language delays, adults with speech/language or cognitive needs, international students seeking assistance with English pronunciation.

Services are provided by faculty as well as by graduate students under faculty supervision.

  • The Diagnostic Clinic offers both screening and full evaluative services.
  • The Family-Based Treatment Clinic includes the whole family of the child who presents speech-language concerns.
  • The Stuttering Clinic provides a range of support services for children and adults who stutter.
  • Clinic outreach includes sites such as Headstarts and other preschools, schools K – 12, medical facilities, and other agencies.

Diagnostic Clinic

Diagnostic ClinicThe Diagnostic Clinic, usually held in the Conley facilities in Dunn Hall, offers comprehensive speech and language diagnostic evaluations.Under the supervision of Judith Stickles, M.A., who holds the ASHA CCC in speech-language pathology, graduate students work in small teams to plan, conduct and analyze the evaluations. Additionally, students may have opportunities to conduct speech-language screenings at off-campus sites such as schools, group homes and preschool centers.

  • While participating in this clinic, the graduate students gain experience in
  • planning speech-language evaluations
  • collecting and synthesizing background and referral information
  • conducting interviews and observations with clients and their families
  • administering a variety of formal and informal measures
  • analyzing the information collected
  • writing evaluation reports, including recommendations and remediation goals as appropriate
  • sharing evaluation results with clients and their families.

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Family-Based Treatment Clinic

Family Based TreatmentFamily-Based Treatment is an approach to therapeutic services that includes family members as well as the child with the presenting concern. Family members and the speech-language pathologist work as partners to bring about speech-language change in the child. The Clinic is supervised by Susan K. Riley.

  • The family and the speech-language pathologist together develop techniques and activities that fit with the family’s natural way of interacting and that can encourage change for the child.
  • The techniques developed in therapy can be used by anyone, such as a teacher, who interacts with the child on a regular basis.
  • The whole family learns to use the techniques developed in therapy, thus most change occurs within the child’s home rather than at the clinic.
  • Appointments are scheduled in consultation with the family so all family members and people important to the child can attend.

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Stuttering Clinic

Stuttering ClinicThe Stuttering Clinic provides diagnostic, therapeutic and support services for individuals who stutter.>Additionally, the Clinic works to increase public awareness of stuttering, provide workshops and consultations for practicing clinicians, and conduct research in aspects of stuttering. The Clinic’s coordinators are Nancy Hall, Ph.D. and Marybeth Allen, M.A. Both hold the Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) in speech-language pathology as well as Specialty Recognition in Fluency Disorders.

Services of the Stuttering Clinic include:

  • Complete diagnostic evaluations
  • Therapy sessions tailored to an individual’s needs
  • Consultation with family members, school personnel, speech-language pathologists, physicians and others
  • Support-group opportunities with the Eastern Maine Chapter of the National Stuttering Association.

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For more information or to schedule an appointment for any of the clinics, contact:
Lynn Kelley
5724 Dunn Hall, Room 336
University of Maine
Orono, ME 04469-5724
(207) 581-2006

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