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About Us

As an interdisciplinary initiative of the University of Maine System, CenTRO involves and coordinates the efforts of faculty across numerous disciplines on all campuses in the state. It has grown out of the increased recognition of the economic, social and environmental impact of tourism in Maine and the importance of recreation to the quality of life in Maine. The value of tourism to Maine has resulted in the need for addressing tourism’s complicated issues such as market analysis and promotion, land-use planning, geographic distribution, public-private cooperation, coastal and inland resource development as well as the integration of tourism with other community development strategies.

CenTRO Vision

  • CenTRO will be a key source for research & educational coordination to support Maine Tourism.

CenTRO Mission

  • CenTRO will strengthen Maine tourism through research as well as outreach to the industry, state and its communities.

CenTRO Goals

  • Increase the competitiveness of Maine’s tourism industry through research on new and existing products, services and markets.
  • Conduct outreach to facilitate the integration of arts and cultural amenities with natural amenities as high quality tourist attractions in Maine.
  • Enhance academic programs to improve the management and service skills of tourism employers and employees, and enhance the wages and job opportunities for those employed in the tourism industry.
  • Train a new generation of entrepreneurs, managers and skilled employees to develop businesses that focus on quality service and take advantage of underutilized tourism assets in Maine.
  • Increase the market share captured by Maine’s tourism businesses in the northeast region.
  • Encourage the development of new tourist destinations, products and services.
  • Help communities improve the economic contribution of tourism in all regions of the state.
  • Develop new and improved information sources and reports for the industry and the state to better inform and guide planning and business development.
  • Develop a consensus within government and industry on key programmatic and strategic steps to enhance the role of tourism in Maine’s economy.