First-Year courses

RLE 01

Experiment with Biology

RLE 02

Improve your writing craft
(2 semesters)

RLE 03

Improve your writing craft
(1 semester)

RLE 04

Print in 3D & Explore Offshore Wind

RLE 05

Dig into the Past

RLE 06

Community Centered Research

Must be Honors student, registration deadline 6/20/22

RLE 07

Cook Up Community

RLE 08

Make a Unique Logo

RLE 09

Cruise a River

Marine Science majors only

RLE 10

Solve Environmental Problems

RLE 11

Recycle and Redesign

RLE 12

Explore Our Campus Ecosystem

EES majors only

RLE 13


Forestry majors only

RLE 14

Raft the

RLE 15

Explore how we Learn

Open to students in the College of Education and Human Development

RLE 16

Play with

RLE 17

Explore Maine, Sea to Summit

RLE 18

Interpret Geologic History

RLE 19

Play with your food

RLE 20

Hunt for Viruses

Microbiology, molecular and cellular biology, and biochemistry majors only

RLE 21


Honors students only

RLE 22

Explore the

University of Maine at Machias students only

RLE 23

Create Unhackable Systems

RLE 24

Use Mindfulness for Better Health

RLE 25

Design a New Business