Undergraduate Programs

zetaMath Major/Minor

It is a great idea to major or minor in mathematics.  People with quantitative skills find better jobs and live longer.  Our department currently offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Mathematics, a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Mathematics, a Minor in Mathematics, and a Minor in Statistics.  The links to the left contain information about our classes and major and minor programs.

Course preparation

Getting ready to take a 100-level math class, and want to make sure you are up to speed with the background material? We have a page with diagnostic materials to help.

Placement Exam

Every incoming student wishing to take MAT 111, 115, 116, 122, or 126 must take the placement examination. For more information, please watch our video:

Math Lab

Students looking for math or statistics help are encouraged to visit the MATH LAB in 120 Neville Hall.

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)

Some math majors take advantage of the many opportunities for research, both in the department and externally.  The following pages list undergraduate summer research programs across the country.

American Mathematical Society REU page

National Science Foundation REU page

SIAM fellowship and research page

Pathways to science summer research listings

Career choices for Math Majors

Majoring in mathematics opens up many possibilities for careers requiring quantitative expertise.  Such jobs are routinely reported as being the most satisfying and desirable in the US.  The American Mathematical Society has a page with many items of interest to math majors, including career options.

The Mathematical Association of America also maintains a page with information about Mathematics careers.

See also our Links/Resources page.

Other stuff

Several of our courses satisfy the Quantitative Literacy Gen-Ed requirement. Here is the rubric for evaluation of student learning outcomes in quantitative literacy.

Topics that instructors are required to cover in Calculus I (PDF)

Topics that instructors are required to cover in Calculus II (PDF)