Mollie Ruben

Assistant Professor of Psychology

374 Williams Hall



**Note to applicants: Dr. Ruben is considering applicants for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Research Interests

My research interests involve social perception and the contribution of nonverbal behaviors to both how we perceive others and how we behave as the ones being perceived. I have two complementary lines of research, one in basic social psychological research examining social perception or the ability to accurately perceive another person’s states (e.g., physical pain, emotions/affect), traits (e.g., personality), and characteristics (hireability, sexual orientation) and a second line of research in health services and health psychology applying social psychological methods to the analysis of doctor-patient communication and health disparities especially among LGBTQ patients and Veterans. 

Selected Publications

Spencer, S.M., Oliveira, J.M., Ruben, M.A., Blais, C., Nugent, L.A. (2020). Interdisciplinary Education as a Route to Promoting Psychology across Occupations. Society for the Teaching of Psychology.

Ruben, M. A., Blanch-Hartigan, D., & Shipherd, J. C. (2018).To know another’s pain: a meta-analysis of caregivers’ and healthcare providers’ pain assessment accuracy. Annals of Behavioral Medicine.

Ruben, M.A., Meterko, M., & Bokhour, B. G. (2018). Do patient perceptions of provider communication relate to experiences of physical pain? Patient Education and Counseling, 101(2), 209-213.

Ruben, M. A., Blosnich, J. R., Dichter, M. E., Luscri, L., & Shipherd, J. C. (2017). Will veterans answer sexual orientation and gender identity questions? Medical Care, 55, S85-S89.

Ruben, M. A., Shipherd, J. C., AhnAllen, C. G., Sloan, C. A., Topor, D., Matza, A. R., & Trezza, G. R. (2017). Advancing LGBT healthcare policies and clinical care within a large academic healthcare system: A case study. Journal of Homosexuality, 64(10), 1411-1431.

Ruben, M. A. & Hall, J. A. (2016). Health care providers’ nonverbal behavior can lead patients to show their pain more accurately: An analogue study. Journal of Nonverbal Behavior, 40(3), 221-234. 

Ruben, M. A., Hall, J. A., & Blanch-Hartigan, D. (2016). Nonverbal communication as a pain reliever: the impact of physician supportive nonverbal behavior on experimentally induced pain experience. Health Communication, 32(8), 970-976.

Ruben, M. A., Hall, J. A., & Schmid Mast, M. (2015). Smiling in a job interview: When less is more. Journal of Social Psychology, 155, 107-126.

Ruben, M. A., Hill, K. M., & Hall, J. A. (2014). How women’s sexual orientation guides accuracy of interpersonal judgments of other women. Cognition and Emotion28(8), 1512-21.

Ruben, M. A. & Hall, J. A. (2013). ‘I know your pain’: proximal and distal predictors of pain detection accuracy. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 39(10), 1346-58.