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Picture of Katie Coupland and Damian Brady on a boat posting with a buoy.

UMaine scientist’s tech sees-the-unseen in potential aquaculture sites

AUGUST 22, 2016 BY LORI VALIGRA Darling Marine Center researchers Katie Coupland and Damian Brady use buoys, sensors and other technology on the Damariscotta River and elsewhere to lessen risk and potentially boost productivity when locating new sites for aquaculture. Darling Marine Center is part of the University of Maine. Realtors will tell you buying […]

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2015 warmest year, on average, across Northern Hemisphere – S. Birkel

    For many Mainers, ice-skating and snowmobiling weren’t part of last December’s holiday break. There was open water on lakes and green grass throughout much of the state as daytime high temperatures reached into the 50s. In fact, December 2015 through February 2016 — the meteorological winter — was the warmest or near warmest […]

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Grigholm: Ice cores indicate increases in atmospheric heavy metals

Glacial ice core records indicate that humans have significantly altered the atmosphere in Central Asia during the 20th century, say climate scientists from the University of Maine. Climate Change Institute researchers say evidence from ice cores extracted from Inilchek Glacier in the Tien Shan Mountains in Kyrgyzstan reveals that rapid growth of industry and agriculture […]

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