Remote Course Adjustments

Remote Course Adjustment Request Form

  • The mode of instruction for Fall 2020 courses is set as of August 1, with few exceptions. Use this form to request adjustments to your schedule. Requests will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. It may not be possible for the University to honor all requests.
  • Please contact the Advising staff in your college if you have any questions.

    College of Education and Human Development: Faith Erhardt,

    College of Engineering: Niya Bond,

    College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: Donna Taylor-Schmidt,

    College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture: Julie Eubanks,

    Maine Business School: Cynthia D'Angelo,

    School of Engineering Technology: Rosemary Lamountain,

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  • Additional Information

    Help us process your request by providing the following additional information. Your answers will help direct your request to the correct office.
  • In what College at the University of Maine are you currently enrolled?
  • If you are completing a double major, please list them both. If you have not yet declared a major, type 'Undeclared' in this field.
  • Indicate any minors you are completing. If you are completing multiple minors, please list them both. If you do not have a minor declared, leave this question blank.
  • Please Indicate your residency plans for the Fall 2020 semester.
  • Definitions

  • Fall 2020 courses will be delivered via several modes of instruction.

    Online — Synchronous and asynchronous, designed to be high quality as online experiences; these are courses regularly offered through UMaine Online. In MaineStreet, online courses will have the Location designation Web/On-line.

    Remote — Originally designed to be taught on campus; adapted for delivery entirely at a distance. Class meetings may be held synchronously via streaming (on Zoom or another platform), recorded and posted for later viewing, and/or replaced by other learning activities. Remote courses will have the Location designation UM Off-site and the Room designation Remote in MaineStreet.

    Face-to-Face (F2F) and Hybrid — Partially or fully in-person instruction, where classrooms have been modified to foster social distancing; many face-to-face classes will have hybrid components to reach students who cannot attend, must self-isolate, or hesitate to attend for other reasons. Face-to-face/hybrid courses will have the designation Orono UM Campus in MaineStreet and will have an assigned classroom location.

    Note: Courses listed as UM Off-site may still list "onsite classroom" as their instruction mode. To check to see if a class is being offered on-campus, check whether there is a classroom assigned. Those without a room assignment are remote.

  • Remote Course Adjustments Requested

    We will send you an email about the status of the change(s) you have requested. Please feel free to contact your advisor or college if you have any additional questions.
  • Please indicate your requested schedule adjustment (e.g., you would like all your classes to be remote, are looking to swap in a hybrid or in-person course). Be as specific as possible.
  • Please provide any additional information that can help us address your schedule adjustment request (e.g., specific courses you are interested in, scheduling limitations, requirements you would like to fill).