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Carpool Information

A free permit, space in a parking lot of your choice, a cleaner environment and saving money – what more could a program offer?

Establishing a Carpool

Carpools consist of two or more people traveling in the same vehicle, one of which is deemed the Coordinator.  All carpool members must register at  Data collected will not be used for any other purpose.

By following the steps provided, will help with quick and easy ride-matches of individuals who have similar schedules that work and live near each other.  The group chooses a Coordinator who brings the completed application to 523 DTAV, Community Center; picks up the free permit, and chooses the lot where the carpool group will park each day.

All carpool member are expected to be knowledgeable of the Carpool Rules and Regulations.

No-charge Temporary Permits

  • Although one permit will be provided for the group, no additional permits will be needed.  On days that carpool members must drive their own vehicle individually, temporary permits will be available at MaineCard Service, 130 Memorial Union or UMaine Police Department, Rangeley Rd.
  • Each carpool member is eligible for up to 10 no-charge temporary permits per semester, allowing them to park in any Blue or Black lot (as is the current practice.)
  • On days the carpool permit holder is commuting alone, rather than having a temporary permit, the carpool permit will be valid in any staff lot.

Emergency Rides Home

  • In case of an emergency, a carpool member who lives within 20 miles of campus makes a call to the designated taxi company and rides home at no charge.
  • For the member who lives further than 20 miles of campus, the designated rental agency will bring a vehicle to you at your campus address.
  • Either way, there is NO COST to the carpool member.


The staff of Parking and Transportation Services will be happy to answer any questions or clarity any rules or regulations that are unclear.  Office hours are Monday – Friday 7:30AM – 4:00 PM.