Meet Gabriella

Hey everyone my name is Gabriella but most people call me Ella. I am a Marine Science major with a minor in Environmental Science and Ecology. I took a wild chance with study abroad and went to a city that was completely based on the green act; this means that they’re focused on all things related to the environment. I’m currently in Växjö, Sweden and after spending a short two weeks here, I know I’ve made the right decision in choosing this city.

I have met some of the most incredible people, all of whom have shown me different sides of cultures and taught me valuable lessons about their home countries. This experience has been everything I have ever dreamed of since I was a little girl. While my studies may be different then what they would be back at UMaine, I love the new challenge of stepping out of my major’s comfort zone and taking this opportunity to study only environmental science considering Sweden is known for being a very clean country. I encourage any of you reading this to look into going somewhere your heart is leading you, even if you’re discouraged by an advising adult.

The classes I am enrolled in this spring semester have already taught me so much about living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. I’m living a dream I once longed for and I can’t stress enough how happy it is to have finally achieved that dream.

Going abroad wasn’t a hard decision for me and, while living here has had its challenges considering I’m an ocean away from anything normal, everyone has been so supportive. The people I’ve become friends with have made the transition a lot easier. I encourage any of the readers to sit down and choose a location that best suits you and your desires and adamantly strive for it. Cross it off your bucket list, and if you’re anything like me–the adventurous type–you’ll be living your European dreams soon enough.

— Ella Wiegman (Växjö, Sweden), Marine Science Major