About Dr. Richard Corey

Dr. Richard Corey (Rick) is the Director of both the VEMI Department in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, as well as the VEMI Lab located at the University of Maine. In 2008, Rick collaborated with Dr. Nicholas Giudice to found VEMI. Their vision was to create a hands-on research and development lab, with the goal to create high standards of research, including cultivating advanced multidisciplinary undergraduate education in a collaborative environment. Throughout his time at VEMI, Rick has been awarded over 25 grants and won multiple supervisor awards, being a mentor for Top Scholar students in varying departments and on committees for graduate students. As a supervisor, he aims to give students new opportunities, a larger network of people, and prepare them for life-long learning in careers by honing skills in human subject research, creative problem solving, strategic thinking, and leadership. Rick has been an author on over 15 research publications, all of which encompassed human-subject research and human-centric technology interactions. Rick enjoys public outreach events, being an invited speaker at over 35 different events and leading over 500 tours around the lab. Dr. Corey’s CV