Following is a list of publications on poultry-related research that are available from the Maine Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station. Some publications are also available in an electronic format, which may be accessed by clicking on the publication number.

  • B774–Income variability among representative egg farms, by Skinner (1981)
  • B764–Nitrogen transformation and movement in a marine sediment soil following treatment with varying rates of poultry manure, by Jeffery and Hutchinson (1980)
  • B732–Competitive position of the Maine poultry industry, by Micka (1977)
  • B707–Analysis of waste disposal problems related to Maine poultry processing plants, by King and French (1974)
  • B694–Infectious synovitis in Maine chickens, by Wing and Geiss (1971)
  • B678–Infectious synovitis in Maine chickens, by Chute, Cuozzo, and King (1969)
  • B672–Correlation of gross and microscopic pathology of skin and nerve lesions from condemned broilers, by King and Chute (1969)
  • B662–Costs and returns on Maine broiler farms, by Wing and Reed (1968)
  • B657–Mycoplasma problems in integrated poultry companies, by Chute and Reese (1968)
  • B661–Five years’ research with a hatchery sanitation program in Maine, by Chute, Gersham, and Barden (1968)
  • B642–Economic characteristics of Maine’s contract and independent table egg farms, by Reed and Jewett (1966)
  • B633–The production of specific pathogen free broilers in Maine, by Chute, Stauffer, and O’Meara (1965)
  • B611–The supplemental value of greases, tallows, and oils in rations for chickens, by Gerry (1963)
  • B608–Effect of growing treatments on laying house performance of pullets, by Gerry (1962)
  • B588–Tray packing fresh fryers at the store and plant levels, by Saunders and Jordan (1960)
  • B584–Controlling infectious bronchitis in Maine chickens, by Chute, O’Meara, and Witter (1959)
  • B582–Competition among areas in supplying broilers to the New York Markeet, by Littlefield and Merchant (1959)
  • B571Contract broiler growing in Maine, by Saunders (1958)
  • B547–Transparent plastic egg cartons boost sales, by Saunders (1956)
  • B537–Supermarket sales of poultry meat, by Saunders (1955)
  • B531–Sources of Maine poultry meat and market outlets, by Pullen and Savage (1954)

Technical Bulletins

  • TB102–A Markov analysis of structural change and output prediction in the New England egg industry, by Skinner (1981)
  • TB089–Motor and electric activity of the duodenum of broilers, by Mba-Mezoui, Bird, and Chawan (1979)
  • TB050–Intestinal absorption of amino acids in vitro with special reference to the chicken: review of findings and methodology, by Lerner (1971)
  • TB042–The mycotoxic effects of fungi isolated from poultry feed ingredients, by Barden, et al. (1970)
  • TB009–Newcastle disease virus activity and volume of amniotic allantoic fluid in chicken embryos from flocks with different vaccinations, by Chute, et al. (1964)
  • TB008–Enzyme levels in birds, by McDaniel, Dempsey, and Chute (1964)