A Novel Approach to Prevent Super-chill in Atlantic Salmon

Principal Investigator: Ian Bricknell (Marine Sciences/ARI, UMaine)

Partners: Deborah Bouchard (Cooperative Extension/ARI, UMaine); William Wolters (USDA National Cold Water Marine Aquaculture Center/NCWMA); Leighanne Hawkins (Cooke Aquaculture)

Abstract: This project will investigate a novel approach to mitigating superchill in cultured Atlantic salmon. Superchill is a physiological collapse in salmon occurring during periods of extremely cold weather in Maine’s waters. The Maine salmon aquaculture industry has stated that superchill risk is the major limiting factor for growth of the industry. The remaining sites suitable for salmon aquaculture are vulnerable to superchill events. If superchill risk was mitigated, production could reach three times the current levels increasing from $76 million to $228 million annually.