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Ecology and Environmental Sciences

EES students recognized at spring awards ceremonies

Undergraduate Coordinator in Ecology and Environmental Sciences Dr. Kate Ruskin (left) and EES Director Dr. Sarah Nelson (right) awarded Val Watson (center) with the John F. Boyle Prize in Ecology and Environmental Sciences, which is given to the top graduating senior in EES.

Congratulations to all of our award winners for their scholarly achievements! Over 30 outstanding EES undergraduate and graduate students were honored at award ceremonies across campus this spring.

EES granted scholarships to the following students at a special Scholarship and Leadership celebration on April 17:

  • Val Watson received The John F. Boyle Prize in Ecology and Environmental Sciences, which was established in 1992 to recognize the top graduating senior in EES.
  • Erin Gilmore, Jonathan Rheinhardt, Emily Tomak, and Julia Vieira received the Wallace C. and Janet S. Dunham Ecology and Environmental Sciences Program Scholarship, which was established in 2004 to attract students that demonstrate academic excellence to the EES program.
  • Sarah Hammond, Branden Kuusela, Rachel Van Gordon, and Caroline Verrill received the Stantec Consulting Scholarship, which was established in 2012 to recognize meritorious full-time undergraduate students in EES, Wildlife Ecology, or related fields.

At the College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture Scholarship Recognition Banquet on April 18, the following students received awards:

  • Sonja Birthisel – Outstanding Service Award
  • Amanda Gavin – George F. Dow Graduate Scholarship
  • Gwyneth Roberts – College-wide Highest-ranking Senior
  • Valerie Watson – College-wide Highest-ranking Senior
  • Michaela Murray and Kaitlyn Raffier received the College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture Scholarship.
  • Ashley Kayser and Joseph Romick Barrell received the Edward C. and Grace A. Cutting Merit Scholarship.
  • Shae Horrigan, Sarah Hammond, Abigayl Novak, and Marie Ring received the Charles Leslie and Helen H. Eastman Scholarship.
  • Megan Hess received the Green Lake Scholarship.
  • Patrick Hurley received the Hayden M. and Jeanne C. Soule Scholarship.
  • Robert Lemieux received the Benedict R. and Alta Lee Stearns Agriculture Scholarship
  • Alyson East and Laura Paye received the James E. Totman Fund Scholarship.
  • Tristan Hernandez, Hayley Leonard, Val Watson, Asha DiMatteo-LePape, Kayla Greenawalt, Rachel Van Gorden, Cassandra Carroll, and Patrick Hurley received the Oscar Treat Turner Scholarship.

Several other units across campus — and beyond — recognized the outstanding achievements of EES students.

  • Elyse DeFranco won the Foreign Language and Areas Studies Award from the Canadian-American Center and grant funding from the New Brunswick Wildlife Trust Fund for her thesis research.
  • Meaghan Conway received the Chase Distinguished Research Assistantship.
  • Carrie Gray received the Susan J. Hunter Teaching Fellowship Award from the Graduate School.
  • Dulcinea Groff received the Fay Hyland-Hilborn Prize in Plant Biology.
  • Rachel Fowler received the John Richard Moring Prize in Aquatic Sciences.
  • Lydia Horne received the Helen Belyea Blumenstock Scholarship from the School of Forest Resources.
  • Margaret McCullough received the Sarah Jane White Spruce Memorial Scholarship from the School of Food and Agriculture.
  • Jack McLachlan received the Janet Waldron Doctoral Research Fellowship from the Graduate School.
  • Nicole Ramberg-Pihl received the Horace Bond Award from the Penobscot County Conservation Association.
  • Benjamin Seliger received the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award from the School of Biology and Ecology.
  • Stephanie Shea received second place, Dean of Graduate School Undergraduate Mentor Award at the 2018 Student Symposium.
  • Asha DiMatteo-Le Pape, Jamie Behan, Zach Davis, Seentia Islam, Julia Kaplan, and Courtney Walker received the George V. Naumann Scholarship from the School of Economics.
  • Abigail Hargreaves, Ashley Kayser, Michaela Murray, Carly Rahl, Caroline Verrill, and Alanna Wacome received the Jack W. Lavery Economics Scholarship.
  • Val Watson won the 2018 Edith Patch Award.
  • Cassandra Carroll, Asha DiMatteo-Le Pape, Connor Huck, Emily Tomak, and Jw Harriman received the George L. Houston Scholarship from the School of Forest Resources.
  • Asha DiMatteo-LePape received the Charles E. Schomaker Scholarship.
  • Laura Paye received the John H. and Bethel B. Dearborn Marine Sciences Scholarship.

Scholarships are made possible with generous support from our alumni, friends, and corporate partners. If you would like to make a contribution to support EES students, contact the University of Maine Foundation.