Rebecca MacAulay, PhD

The CARE Lab is directed by Dr. Rebecca MacAulay, whose area of expertise is in cognitive assessment and emotion functioning across the adult life span.

We all get older but what is it that helps us to stay “young” longer with age?

My research focuses on understanding factors that increase risk and resilience to cognitive decline across the adult life span. I am specifically interested in the interplay between changes in emotional, cognitive and physical (and their underlying neural mechanisms) functioning, and how this knowledge may be applied to future intervention models and assessment techniques for older adults. A secondary objective of my work is to engage more diverse older adults in health-related research. My hope is that my work will advance cognitive health and quality of life across the adult life span through development of novel assessment and intervention techniques.

Clinical Interests: Neuropsychological Assessment, Mindfulness, Behavioral Activation, Cognitive Interventions for MCI and Normal Aging.

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Tel: 207-581-2044