Order Posters

I am interested in ordering the Athletes for Sexual Responsibility poster series listed below:
______ Smart Sex Poster Series One $40.00 each _______
______ Smart Sex Poster Series Two $40.00 each _______

Total Enclosed: $ __________

Posters are available for sale to non-profit organizations only.

Please complete information below (print legibly or type):

Name: ________________________________________________________
Organization: ___________________________________________________
Street: ________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip Code: ____________________________________________
Phone: __________________________________________

Make checks payable to THE UNIVERSITY OF MAINE
or indicate Purchase Order Number: ________________
(Purchase orders are accepted with payment due within 60 days.)

Please print a copy of this order form and mail it along with your payment to:

Athletes for Sexual Responsibility
5749 Merrill Hall, Room 12
University of Maine
Orono ME 04469-5749

For further information or to request a preview tape, contact:
Dr. Sandy Caron at (207) 581-3138 or E-mail scaron@maine.edu