Tips and Techniques

The  information below are not comprehensive and do not guarantee a scholarship. They are tips. Each year, the Army may change what they want from prospective students.

Your job is to ask questions, gather information and put your name out there. If you’re not chosen straight out of high school, don’t stop trying! There are plenty of chances to compete for scholarships and commissioning opportunities once college has started.

High school timeline

Junior year

  • Take SAT/ACT exam
  • Take SAT/ACT exam for the second time
  • Begin checking for information on applying (scholarship applications become “live” at this time)
  • Schedule a visit to the University of Maine
  • Meet with your high school guidance counselor to select the best courses for senior year
  • Ask your guidance counselor to provide you with official copies of your transcript
  • Visit the ROTC office at UMaine or Husson University
  • Work on physical fitness

Senior year

  • Apply to colleges; submit all required documents
  • Take SAT/ACT again (if needed)
  • Complete all necessary steps (mail transcripts, letters of recommendation, essays, etc. to ROTC).
  • Complete college applications

Things to keep in mind

This needs to reflect well on your high school career. It should demonstrate that you challenged yourself, took substantive courses and did your best. Work hard!
SAT/ACT scores
Be sure to prepare and take tests as many times as necessary to earn the best possible score.
List activities, sports, jobs and hobbies, and describe what each one meant. Write more than “Football, 9–12.” Describe the positions you played, varsity letters earned and whether the team made it to any championships.
Prepare for the interview by thinking about questions you may be asked (For example, “Why do you want to serve in the military?”). Dress appropriately and bring copies of your transcript, test scores and resume.