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Study Abroad Programs - Travel Study in Quebec

(Pre-requisite: FRE 212 or Permission of instructor)

1. Course Description

A fourteen-day total immersion program in French equivalent to three academic weeks and worth three academic credits. The goals of the course are to encourage students to use French actively as a natural part of daily life and to develop heightened appreciation for Quebec culture, society and history. In general, mornings are devoted to guided conversations and/or lectures. Afternoons are given to tours, lectures on various aspects of Quebec’s history and culture and to writing. Evenings are free, but the staff will make recommendations with regard to local cultural activities and will accompany groups to the cinema, theatre, a concert, a public lecture and the like.

2. Condition

Each student must sign a pledge to use French exclusively for the duration of the course.

3. Location

The program will be located in Quebec City, Canada. Participants will be housed on the campus of the Université Laval. The rooms are all double rooms.

4. Meals

Breakfasts, lunches, and dinners are offered on campus, and in a variety of restaurants within walking distance of the University. Participants should have sufficient funds to pay for their meals during the stage.

5. Travel

Students will travel in University of Maine vans that will leave from the Canadian-American Center parking lot at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, May 9, 2011 and return on Sunday, May 22, 2011. The transportation cost is included in the program fee.

6. Instructional Materials

The principal material for the course will be Quebec City itself. Each participant should bring along a good French dictionary and a grammar book to be used in preparing the written work for the course. Other texts might be recommended by the instructor. Students should plan to bring additional funds to purchase other instructional materials such as newspapers or magazines.

7. Work Groups

Students will be divided into work groups as determined by their level of experience in French.

Three academic credits will be granted for this course.  In addition to tuition, there will be a Course Fee of $626 to cover the cost of transportation, housing, class activities in and around Québec, and a closing banquet.  Students should bring sufficient funds to pay for meals and personal expenses.  The University of Maine’s Unified Fee will also apply.  (If you are not taking any other courses on campus this summer, be sure to request an exemption from the Student Rec Center fee.)

Tuition (3 cr. Resident rate)               $  801.00

Course fee                                             626.00

UM Unified fee (For 6 cr. Or fewer)        120.00

TOTAL                                                  $1,547.00

 8. Application for Admission

Applications may be obtained at the Department of Modern Languages and Classics, 201 Little Hall or by contacting Prof. Smith via email (

 9. Deadlines

 April 1, 2011              

Completed applications for the Québec May Term must be received in the Department of Modern Languages and Classics.

 April 8, 2011              

Registration for FRE 397.01 must be completed at the Continuing Education Division Office, 122 Chadbourne Hall.

 April 25, 2011                  

Last Date to drop class and receive a refund of travel study course fee

 10.  Financial Support

Qualified French and IA-French majors may be eligible for support from the Robert N. Rioux Fund or the Slott Family French Language Immersion Fund.

 11. Instructor

Prof. Jane S. Smith
Modern Languages and Classics
5742 Little Hall (Rm. 201)
Orono, ME 04469-5742
(207) 581-2075


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