Tribal Map

Maliseet Nations 
The Maliseets traditionally occupied the area about the eastern boarder of Canada and the United States. In Maine, the Houlton Band of Maliseets is located in Aroostook County. The tribe received United States federal recognition in 1980.

Mi’kmaq Nations 
The ancestral lands of the Mi’kmaq extend from Newfoundland to Maine. The Mi’kmaq Nation is located in Presque Isle. They received U.S. federal recognition in 1991.

The Passamaquoddy tribe is located in eastern Maine in Washington County. There are two reservations, one at Sipayik (Pleasant Point) in Perry and the other in Indian Township, which includes the villages of Motahkomiqkuk (Peter Dana Point) and Odeneg in Princeton.

Penobscot Nations
The Penobscot River drainage is the ancestral home of the Penobscot. The Penobscot Nation’s home is on Indian Island in Old Town.