• Richard Silliboy, exhibit consultant
  • Jennifer Neptune, exhibit consultant
  • Theresa Secord Hoffman
  • Maine Indian Basketmakers Alliance
  • Annie Hager, University of Maine
  • Department of Forest Ecosystem Science
  • Bill Livingston, University of Maine,
  • Department of Forest Ecosystem Science
  • Maine Forest Service
  • Kathleen Mundell, Maine Arts Commission
  • Bunny McBride
  • Bruce Bourque, Maine State Museum
  • Charles Hastings, on-line exhibit web design & webmaster

Lenders to the Exhibit

  • Angela Barnes, Passamaquoddy
  • Margo Boyd and Stephen Bicknell
  • Deborah Brooks, Passamaquoddy
  • Jean Camuso and Eric Brown
  • Carol Dana, Penobscot
  • Theresa Secord Hoffman, Penobscot
  • Maine Indian Basketmakers Alliance
  • Micmac Images
  • Navajo Rug Restorations
  • Peter Neptune, Passamaquoddy
  • Old Town Museum
  • Lawrence Shay, Penobscot
  • Richard Silliboy, Micmac
  • Rosella J. Silliboy, Micmac
  • Peter Smith Terry Collection, Unity College


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