An apple core in the grass

Just pitch your apple core into the woods…or maybe not

I admit it…I’m guilty of this. There have been times when I didn’t get a chance to finish my apple before embarking on a walk. Or, I hiked a trail and munched on that delicious fruit on the summit. The end result was always the same. After I ate the last bite of crisp sweetness, […]

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FRM in the News

September 29, 2023 Sun Journal: Photo: Reducing food waste September 28, 2023 News Center Maine: Inaugural ‘Food Waste Awareness Week’ in Maine aims to reduce waste September 25, 2023 WABI5: Gov. Mills proclaimed ‘Maine Food Waste Awareness Week’ from Sep. 25-29 May 17, 2023 Maine Public Radio: Food waste is a climate problem. Here’s how some Mainers are […]

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Governor Mills proclaims Maine Food Waste Awareness Week September 25-29, 2023

We wanted to share with you the exciting news that Governor Mills has issued an official Proclamation designating September 25-29, 2023 as Maine Food Waste Awareness Week! In particular, we’d like to thank the Maine Dept. of Education and the teachers, staff, and students who participated in our 2023 Maine School Cafeteria Food Waste Study. Their […]

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Payson Transfer Station, Portland

Pilot 1: Consolidated Community Food Waste Collection

FRM worked with the Maine towns of Portland, Waterville, Winslow, Readfield, Wayne, and Fayette to implement a community food recycling program. Goals  To measure the potential of a community food recycling program to divert food out of landfills. Methodology  Select a diverse range of Maine communities based on size and location. Identify community-based leadership for […]

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Pilot 1: Maine Food Donation Kit

Goals  To help Maine businesses, organizations, and individuals understand WHY and HOW to donate food instead of throwing it away. Methodology  With so much untapped food donation potential in Maine grocery store chains, we originally wanted to work with them to increase food donations throughout the state. However, there was a lot of reluctance on […]

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Pilot 5: Maine Circular Food System GIS Map and Resource Locator

Food Rescue MAINE is currently working to develop a comprehensive map of Maine’s food system, organized by the pieces of a successful circular food system. This map will provide Mainers with critical information about the food system in their region. Data sets will include categories such as food recycling organizations, farmers, schools, cold storage facilities, […]

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Pilot 4: “Mainers Feeding Mainers” A Social Benefit Brand

After Pilot 3 was completed, we had many recipes to upcycle food, but no knowledge about what products would be feasible to sell in store. Mainers Feeding Mainers, a Good Shepherd Food Bank program, did a crucial study to see what items would be marketable in Maine stores. Goals To develop a resilient local Maine […]

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Pilot 3: Maine Upcycled Food Products

After discovering how many surplus crops farmers struggled to sell (pilot 2), we knew we had to figure out new markets for their use. Upcycled food products are foods (often surplus food or produce seconds) that are repurposed through processing techniques. Goals To expand the available markets for surplus crops. To increase the shelf life […]

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Pilot 2: Maine Farm Surplus Opportunity Buy Report

Goals  To help connect Maine farmers with surplus food to large, institutional customers. Methodology  Every week we reach out to Maine farmers and determine if they have any surplus food that they would like to sell. This list is sent to institutions that are seeking affordable food in large quantities. The institution can then pick […]

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