Pilot 5: Maine Circular Food System GIS Map and Resource Locator

Food Rescue MAINE is currently working to develop a comprehensive map of Maine’s food system, organized by the pieces of a successful circular food system.

This map will provide Mainers with critical information about the food system in their region. Data sets will include categories such as food recycling organizations, farmers, schools, cold storage facilities, food processors, and much more.


  1. To develop Maine food system infrastructure to meet the food processing needs of our primary target: Maine farmers and secondary target: Maine food system participants.
  2. To develop a problem-solving tool for the State of Maine to end food waste by supporting a circular food system solution.
  3. To develop a decision-making tool for the State of Maine that supports equitable, resilient, “community”-based food system solutions.


  1. Identified data points with input from partners (Maine Farmland Trust Department of Environmental Protection and stakeholders in every part of the circular food system).
  2. The student intern putting together this data then handed it off to a University of Maine GIS class taught by Professor Kate Beard.
  3. Her students took our data and began to create independent dashboards representing Maine’s circular food system, while working with our stakeholders themselves for any questions.
  4. Professor Kate Beard is working now to combine the efforts of her students into one comprehensive circular food system map of Maine.


While the circular food system map is not finished yet, we are super excited to share it with you! Keep an eye out for updates on this page.

Maine’s Circular Food System.

“Changing our food system to one based on the principles of the circular economy is one of the most powerful things we can do to tackle climate change and build biodiversity. We can achieve this and provide healthy nutritious food for all.” – Ellen MacArthur Foundation