Pilot 4: “Mainers Feeding Mainers” A Social Benefit Brand

After Pilot 3 was completed, we had many recipes to upcycle food, but no knowledge about what products would be feasible to sell in store. Mainers Feeding Mainers, a Good Shepherd Food Bank program, did a crucial study to see what items would be marketable in Maine stores.


  1. To develop a resilient local Maine region food supply chain (produced, inventory/storage, processing, transportation, retail).
  2. To reduce wasted food (nutritional, $ value) and related wasted key resources (water, energy, labor, soil).
  3. To reduce food insecurity and improve access to nutritious local food for all MAine region consumers (retail, food service, food bank).
  4. To reduce the climate impact of wasted food through decreased landfilling and transportation.


  1. Identify excess farm food surplus opportunity – type, quantity, and location (USDA, MFT, MOFGA).
  2. Research successful social benefit, upcycled food brand economic models: Upcycled Food Association, Matriark Foods, Feeding America/Food Band initiatives, Philabundance.
  3. Identify potential manufacturers and target food service/retail customers: Hannaford, MDOC, Sodexo, DOE, Good Shepherd, and MGFPA.
  4. Develop a pilot project to create a sustainable/profitable, long-term business plan.


Phase I Products (current items ordered by Good Shepherd Food Bank):

  1. CLASSIC MAINE APPLE SAUCE: Made with fresh apples grown in the Maine region, this apple sauce is a New England favorite! Kettle-cooked the old-fashioned way using chunky whole fruit for a delicious homemade taste. With no added sugar, it is a great healthy treat for the whole family! Other flavors include Cinnamon Apple Sauce, Apple Berry Sauce, and Apple Cranberry Sauce.
  2. CLASSIC MAINE GARDEN MARINARA SAUCE – Our original Maine Garden Marinara Sauce uses a tasty, slow kettle-cooked recipe featuring real fresh Maine-grown vegetables in many delicious easy meals with meats, seafood, pizza, or casseroles. Flavors include Classic Maine Garden Marinara Sauce and Sweet Basil Garden Pasta Sauce.

Phase II Produce (to be developed – not currently ordered by Good Shepherd Food Bank):

  1. MAINE SOUPS (CREAM AND BROTH-BASED) – Our Maine Cream of Tomato Soup is an elegantly simple combination of fresh tomatoes, cream, basil, and black pepper – a real classic. Other flavors include Maine butternut squash, Maine cream of broccoli, and Maine potato cheddar.
  2. MAINE VEGETABLE MINESTRONE SOUP – Our Maine vegetable minestrone is a fresh tomato broth filled with fresh carrots, celery, onions, pasta, potatoes, zucchini, peach, green beans, red kidney beans, and chickpeas. Other flavors include Down East Farm Spring Vegetable Soup and Maine Lentil Vegetable Soup.
  3. DEHYDRATED SNACK – Grain snack bars, dried fruit snacks, kids fruit snack bars.
  4. SPENT GRAIN BAKERY – bread, rolls, crackers.