Pilot 1: Food Rescue MAINE Brand and Website


To create a hub for all of our information and resources for Maine’s food system.


  1. Food Rescue MAINE’s website was created in the Spring of 2021.
  2. In its beginning stages, the website was simply a page explaining the basics of food recycling and was linked to a QR code in preparation for our first annual summit in 2021. This page was made in hopes of having resources available for our audience to view as a follow-up to the summit.
  3. Following the summit, we hoped that stakeholders would view the website and provide us with feedback – and that is exactly what happened!
  4. After that vital feedback, we were able to take on another student intern to create the foundations of the website that you see today.


Since then, student interns have worked on our website and transformed it into what you see now. These resources are not all created internally by our organization but pulled from many key stakeholders in the food system world.

While we still rely on the amazing stakeholders that work with us to always improve this website, we now have access to an online dashboard that provides us with our website’s analytics, so we can keep up with how users interact with the site.


The website is a hub for so many resources, but here are two that you can’t find anywhere else.

  1. FRM Blog Posts
  2. FRM Newsletter


Above is a screenshot of Food Rescue MAINE website analytics.