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High food costs getting you down?  Tired of throwing perfectly good food into the trash? Enjoy some fun competition? Join the Maine Home Food Waste Challenge and compete with your fellow Mainers to reduce your household food waste. To sign-up, please fill out the quick questions below and click “Submit.” *Note: We will not share personal data. Data requested is important for internal for internal analysis and insights.

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Our weekly Challenge Leaderboard will list all participants and their progress. What unique name would you like to use for the Challenge Leaderboard? For example, use your first name "Jane1966" or last name "Smith12" or make up a fun name, e.g. MaineWasteGuru or MaineFoodStar.
Please only include the household members that will be participating and including their food waste in this challenge. For example, if you are completing this challenge alone, write "1". If you have a child or a spouse that will be adding their food waste to yours, then write "2" people.
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