Faculty Resources

Thank you for your interest in the Travel Study Program offered by the Division of Lifelong Learning. The travel study handbook below includes a brief description of the program, a preparatory checklist, and a set of documents and forms designed to help you achieve a safe and successful travel outcome for you and your students. We are here to assist you with your course. We will make the appropriate travel-related expenditures for your trip, while your responsibility will be to make the necessary travel arrangements. We will seek to ensure that all University and System policies and procedures are followed for the safety of you and your students. Included are the forms that you need to complete and place on file with our office prior to any payment of expenses and deposits. If you are interested in offering a Travel Study course, take the first step and contact Beth Maberry at elisabeth.maberry@maine.edu or 207.581.1615. We are here to help you and your students have a safe and successful experience.


Please note that all University travel, including Travel Study, is subject to UMS Travel Guidance and EOC approval. Please make sure to review the EOC Safe Return application in addition to the Travel Study Handbook below.