Tobey Crawford-Connor — video transcript

It had been 17 years since I had been in college and I had a lot of anxiety from the first time around, it was a very different landscape as far as there were no online options. I happened to discover the Maine Studies track at University of Maine. The Bachelor of University Studies was really well suited to me because obviously I have a a family and I’m working and being able to do the online classes, that enabled me to do a lot of late night work when necessary when my daytime and responsibilities needed to be prioritized, or dealing with my family, I have two teenagers at home or, for example, last spring semester when I became paralyzed from a neurological condition and was in the hospital for much of that semester. But I was still able to do all of my work, I did my midterms from the hospital bed. My professors, everyone was totally supportive and it just made me want to keep going on even though the doctors said I should forget about school, I said no, that is what’s keeping me going so yes that’s why I’m still here today and keeping going. I’m going to Graduate School right here at UMaine in the History Department. I’m so comfortable here that I don’t want to leave, that’s why I’ll be coming in-person in the Fall.