Morgan Inman — video transcript

I came into college with this idea that I wanted to work at a hotel, and start my own catering company later on, so I pursued a major in Business Administration. During the summer, one of my friends invited me to work at the summer camp that she was the assistant director of, and that summer I was working with kids and I realized that that was my passion: working with children, being in the classroom, just doing fun things, discovering, learning, that was more what I was passionate about, and so I came back the next year, I switched my major, I really wanted to be a teacher. And so I got to start field placements this past year and I was working with students in the classroom almost every day and it just really solidified that decision for me. The Honors community is so supportive. One of my favorite things about the Honors community is the fact that it is one of the biggest learning living communities here on our campus. My roommate from the first day of college is my roommate still, we are still really close friends, we’ve been together this whole time, and a lot of our friends we made in Honors, in that space, which was so helpful and it just really helped me build a supportive community right coming into college I feel like it would be impossible for it not to feel, like, gratifying and give you a little bit of satisfaction when you’re doing so much. You’re working with the future, like that’s probably one of my favorite parts about the job, honestly. I’m getting to affect these kids’ lives so intensely and honestly I learn a lot from them too which is really important to me.