Michael Delorge — video transcript

Well I started at the University of Maine as a bio/pre-med student, and I added political science because I just kind of felt that there was something missing, and UMaine allowed me to do both. I can graduate in four years with a dual degree. Studying two majors that are completely separate and two completely different colleges has been a really fun experience. In a lot of my biology labs I’ve gotten to do like data analysis — creating these charts and graphs of my different lab experiments — but then also in my political science my drug policy research I’ve also gotten to do data analysis but from a completely different angle. So just kind of creating opportunities as a result of those two different majors kind of come together where I can learn different skills but I’ll kind of marry them together has been really unique. Student government at UMaine is a nonprofit, and as president of the student government I’m also kind of like the acting executive director of the nonprofit which is a really, really powerful experience. We manage almost a million dollars a year, we have a board of directors that acts as my supervisor, and that’s taught me a lot about real world job responsibilities, it’s taught me about HR at, you know, 21-22 years old it’s, it’s been a really unique experience, while also getting to do the things of a normal student government like advocate for better dining, advocate for better housing, appropriate money to different clubs and organizations to improve the student experience on campus. So, it’s definitely taught me a lot about government, and policy, and people, and it’s been a really a great opportunity.