Kian Murray — video transcript

So I started out wanting to do Marketing and Forestry. My, both my parents worked in the Park Service and I knew I wanted to do something environmental and so then I progressed throughout UMaine, I realized that I wanted to do something more business related and so while at the Maine Business School I slowly started adding more and more majors and just found little niches that I really enjoyed. As far as the Psych goes, I took Psych 100 during the COVID summer and I loved how everything that you learned in that class you could turn around and use as soon as you left the classroom, or in that case like my bedroom, and so I just kind of added that as a major and then have just been running with that ever since. One of my other majors is sports management, and at my time here at UMaine I’ve had multiple different sports marketing roles over at the Athletic Department and I really enjoyed how you could kind of think of something and create it into fruition and then implement it during like a game day experience and just how impactful it was towards fans and members of the community. So as far as after UMaine I’m hoping to move to Boston with a few of my fellow graduates. I am hoping to start a career in either some sort of sports-related field or finance-related field. I would love to one day move abroad, maybe somewhere in Europe, and then work for one of their sport organizations over there.