Katelyn Amero- video transcript

I always liked nature, I always liked science and biology. I didn’t know that research was an option until I heard about the SEA-PHAGES course here, so when I heard about that opportunity I wanted to switch so that I could maybe have that first research experience and kind of see what that’s like and then I ended up falling in love with it, just like the aspect of discovery, and contributing to something larger. I did an internship after my second year where I got to do another research experience, and kind of do it full-time and just kind of get a feel for what like grad school might be like, and like working in a lab. You know, I proposed a hypothesis and the hypothesis was correct and that was kind of a thrilling experience and it kind of gave me some confidence that I was capable of doing research. I’ve had a really great honors experience. Doing the civilizations course, that kind of gave me, you know, more like social aspects of human nature and like how that’s also important to consider even when you’re doing medicine or even just in everyday life it’s kind of good to have that balance and kind of understand both the scientific and biological level of things, and also just like working with my peers in the Honors College that’s been a really valuable experience especially as we’re writing our theses and, you know, just kind of helping each other out and kind of guiding each other through that process, so it’s been very supportive. I definitely just want to have an impact on the scientific community and you know contribute some more scientific knowledge that might be useful but also I think mentorship and leadership is really important, especially in science, so I also really want to do outreach and, you know, teach the next generation of scientists because I know that my mentors have been really impactful throughout this process so I want to kind of have that impact in the future.