Chappy Hall — video transcript

I’ve always really liked History, ever since I was like in middle school, it was always my favorite subject, I was always really good at it, but you know I think I’ve kind of learned about myself that I really like storytelling and history is just a really long story, it’s a very complicated story. I think it’s those stories that always kind of captivated me and that’s why I really really love History. Being part of the Honors College doing my Honors thesis right now, which is on historical video games, so I’m looking at how historical video games can change the way we understand the past. And it’s been a really great experience, it’s, you know, it’s a lot of work doing Honors thesis right you have to really commit to what you want to do, commit to that project, and be invested in it. But it’s really worth that investment if you’re willing to put the work in. Getting the chance to do stuff outside your major is definitely worth it because you know if I had been in the Honors College I’d be taking lot history courses I’d have you know my French courses for French minor math for math minor but you know dealing with philosophy text, dealing with studying some religious text, like, that’s stuff that I would not have encountered I think having that breadth of an educational experience is is important. I think Honors College is really good at giving you that. My long-term goal is I want to go to Graduate School for History and then where I’m able to take that you know who knows I’ve met a lot of people with History PhDs who do all kinds of crazy different things. There’s a lot of different opportunities out there because you have a lot of useful skills with writing and research, and your ability to communicate ideas. You know, I’d be interested in potentially going further into Academia but also kind of keeping my options open and knowing that that experience is what I really want to go after, and then the opportunities after that, you know, they’re not always certain but I’ll find something.