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Common Loon - Phenophase Definitions

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Photo by C. Eves-Thomas

Common Loon, (Gavia immer)

Directions: As you report on phenophase status (Y, N or ?) on the datasheets, refer to the definitions on this sheet to find out what you should look for, for each phenophase in each species. To report the intensity of the phenophase, choose the best answer to the question below the phenophase, if one is included.

two loons feeding

Photo by C. Eves-Thomas


Active individuals

One or more individuals are seen moving about or at rest.


One or more individuals are seen feeding. If possible, record the name of the species or substance being eaten or describe it in the comments field.

Calls or song

One or more individuals are heard calling or singing. Listen to the calls of the loon.

nesting loon

Loon on nest; USFWS Digital Library



A male and female are seen coupled in a mating position, usually with the male on top of the female.

Nest building

One or more adults are seen constructing a nest or carrying nesting material.


Dead individuals

One or more dead individuals are seen, including those found on roads.


Individuals at a feeding station

One or more individuals are seen visiting a feeder, feeding station, or food placed by a person.

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