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Getting Started

  • AgrAbility: Is Farming for Me?
    Learn whether farming is right for you — see if it is a good career or job opportunity for you and/or your family.
  • How to Create A Farm Business Plan
    Learn why it is important for you to have a business plan and the importance of marketing, operations, and finance.
  • Farm Enterprises
    Learn about different farm enterprises, how to determine whether they are profitable or not, and about production cycles.
  • Market Research for Farm Products
    Learn how to develop a plan of action, thoroughly investigate all factors and find a market for your product.
  • Starting a Farm Business
    Learn what you need to do before starting a farm business — this includes deciding on a plan and what you want to accomplish.
  • Starting a Farm Business in Maine
    Learn what is required in starting a farm business in Maine and what resources are available.

Resources and Support

Items of Interest

Find more of our videos on the UMaine Extension YouTube Channel.

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