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Maine Hay Directory

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Current Sellers:  Notify us of UPDATES or when your supply is out or spoken for, email

Buyers:  The Directory is organized by county, then town.  Information for Maine is followed by other states, then Canada.

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Need Straw? Visit the Maine Straw Directory.

Be cautious of hay scams. Visit the Maine Attorney General’s site for a notice on hay scams.

How To Test Forage Quality

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Listed Alphabetically by County, then Town
County Updated Forage Package & Amounts Contact Information Certified Organic Y/N
Androscoggin August 2015 Square bales of mixed grasses off fertilized fields. Hay suitable for horses, cattle or sheep from different fields in the Durham area. Pick up off the trailer or out of the barn. Local delivery may be possible. Chandler Stream Farm
James Christensen
1481 Hallowell Rd
Durham ME 04222
Androscoggin May 2015 2000 +/- bales of hay. 2014 crop. From certified organic farm. Asking $6.00 per bale. Can assist in loading. Buckley Farms
Aaron Buckley
1313 Route 106
Leeds ME 04263
Androscoggin October 2013 Regular size hay bales,dry round 4×4, round wrapped baleage. Sold out for winter 2013 of feed hay, still have mulch hay Potter Hill Farm
Midge Arndt
50 Potter Rd
Lisbon Falls ME 04252
207.353.2714 or 207.333.0307
Androscoggin August 2015 Sold out for 2015 AppleBerry Acres
Jim Bonney
Center Rd
Livermore ME 04253
Androscoggin August 2015 Small square bale mulch hay for sale, $3.00 per bale. First cut (T.A.R mix) small square bales, $3.75 per bale. We can make local deliveries but since we are a small operation we can only deliver 125 bales at a time. An additional $1.00 per bale will be required for deliveries.The fields we produce from were not in use for over 20 years and have been cleared and groomed into shape by bush hogging since 2011. We have not used herbicides or fertilizer to reclaim theses fields. We grow our hay organically but we are not certified. Cyr Farms
James Cyr
175 Diamond Rd
Livermore Falls ME  04254
Androscoggin April 2015 1st & 2nd crop hay available. Square & rounds bales available. Square bales are $5 & $6. 1st crop round bales $65. Volume discounts & delivery available if needed.  Pricing upon request. Harvest Hill Farms
Dan Carroll
RT 26
Mechanic Falls ME 04256
Androscoggin October 2013 Sold Out Lawrence Murch
PO Box 125
Mechanic Falls, ME 04256
Androscoggin March 2014 Best square bale ….Pick up anytime … Delivery by the trailer load …. Trailer rentalCall us we can fill any order over 50,000 bales a year Ferland Farm
Scott Ferland
Hardscrabble rd
Poland ME 04256
Androscoggin June 2014 Sold Out Goodnow Jersey Farm
Lynette Bradford
13 Main St
Turner ME 04282
Androscoggin September 2013 Square bales: Good quality first crop, $4.50/bale
Mulch hay, $3/bale
Also about 300 bales discounted hay, $3,50/bale. It is this year’s cut; not rained on, but mixed quality.
Clay Brook Farms
William or Vicky Varney
126 N Parish Rd
Turner, ME 04282
Androscoggin January 2014 First crop silage in bunker silo feeding out now. Have approximately 150 tons remaining. Good feed for cattle, beef or dairy. $30 per ton loaded here at the farm.
Prefer phone calls, Ralph at 754-7397.
Farm located at 42 Pond Road, Wales, Androscoggin County
Sanborn Farm
Ralph Sanborn
71 Witherell Rd
Wales ME 04280
Aroostook August 2015 2015 first cut hay. Cut end of June and early July. 4×4 round bales. Timothy, clover and mixed grasses, stored in the barn. Nice quality stuff MooShine Cattle Co
Lizz    McLaughlin
1048 Dyer Brook Rd
Dyer Brook    ME    04747
Aroostook August 2015 2015 first cut mixed grass hay available in 4’x4′ rounds and small square bales. Call, text or email Kevin for more information and pricing.  Will have second cut available September/October. Aroostook Star Enterprises
Kevin Doughty
170 Limestone Rd
Fort Fairfield ME 04742
Aroostook February 2015 90 percent Timothy and 10 percent mixed grasses
Delivery in northern Aroostook available
1500 available, call for pricing
OK Constructors Inc
Jim Ouellette
118 Aroostook Falls Rd
Fort Fairfield ME 04742
Aroostook August 2015 Sold Out Mt. Ash Farm and Cattle Co
Dave Potter
939 Charette Hill Rd
Fort Kent, ME 04743
Aroostook August 2015 Small sq., 3x4x7 large sq., and round bales. Oat, rye, and barley straw available. Delivery in tractor trailer loads only. Quality horse hay and mulch hay also available. Pierre LaPlante
1303 Hamlin Rd
Hamlin (Van Buren), ME 04785
Aroostook August 2015 4×4 net wrapped round bales available of first cut grass hay, stored inside, $30/bale picked up at the farm.  This is very good quality horse hay, timothy, clover and mixed grasses. Delivery available in the Southern Aroostook area for $40./bale.   We will have limited second cut round bales available also 4×4, call for pricing. Russell Farm
Randy Russell
2168 Bangor Rd
Linneus, ME 04730
Aroostook October 2013 4×4 Round bales $25, 40lb. squares $3.50. Also have square bale straw, $4.00. Every bale is stored inside. Gould Farms
Steve Gould
94 Gould Rd
Sherman Mills, ME 04776
Cumberland August 2015 Sold out for now Ring Farm
Marian Rabe
551 Upper Ridge Rd
Bridgton, ME 04009
Cumberland June 2015 LOOKING FOR IMMEDIATE BUYER & ABILITY TO CUT & REMOVE FIRST CROP ASAP.175- 200 +/- acres very good standing grass mostly flat/rolling hills, rock free, looking for someone with haying equipment to cut entire farm for a wholesale price per bale (to be negotiated) payment to Hi-Brook Farm. Farm is located at 187 Wescott Rd Gorham on both sides of road adjoining the junction of Rt. 114. I welcome your inquiry . This land can be seen on Google Earth. Enter 187 Wescott Rd, Gorham Maine to see.No cutting or delivery from me , I do have barns on site for temporary cover for hay wagons/equipment while operating at site. Hi-Brook Farm
Jeffrey Sanborn
170 Spiller Rd
Gorham ME 04038
Cumberland April 2015 4-4.5″x4′ Wrapped Bales.  5 bale minimum per load. Sebago Lake Ranch
Ben Hartwell
443 Sebago Lake Rd
Gorham ME  04038
Cumberland August 2015 Sold out Findview Farm
Jenn Grant
147 Mighty St
Gorham, ME 04038
Cumberland September 2013 2013 1st & 2nd crop hay available, all bales are timothy and orchard grass mixes and weigh 40+/- pounds. McNeally Farms
Enid McNeally
20 Carll Lane
Gorham, ME 04038
Cumberland August 2015 Small bales will be available at our farm in Harrison after July 1. Fields are fertilized with natural products. The first crop has a crude protein content of about 10% and a complete analysis is available.” Price is $4.50/bale off the wagon or from the barn. Call after June 1. Weston Farms
John Watkins
100 Weston Farm Rd
Harrison, ME 04040
Cumberland August 2015 Mixed grass hay, square bales. Delivery available at extra charge. Stored in dry barns. Morgan Hill Farm
Laird McClure
44 Morgan Hill Rd
New Gloucester, ME 04260
Cumberland January 2014 1st crop – $4.50 per bale at the barn. 2nd crop – $5.00 per bale at the barn. (2nd bale currently sold out) Mulch hay which is dry day $4.00 at the barn. Delivery can be arranged. Maine Rototilling
David Burnham
56 County Rd
Scarborough ME 04074
Franklin January 2013 Horse quality bales. $4.00 per bale. Delivery available. Maple Hill Farm
Bruce Tracy
Titcomb Hill Rd
Farmington, ME 04938
Franklin August 2015
Sold Out
Porter Hill Farm
Burt Knapp
186 Owen Mann Rd
Farmington, ME 04938
Franklin August 2015 Certified organic hay
Meadow mix of timothy, orchard grass and clover
4×4 round bales
Delivery possible; call for prices.
Marble’s Family Farm
Richard Marble
853 Holley Rd
Farmington, ME 04938
207.491.6166 cell
July 2015 First cut hay sold out. Do have 100-200 bales mulch hay $2.50/square bale.  Not certified but grown organically for last 25 years.  Call to reserve. Rothchild Farm
Wendy Fleming
218 Tory Hill Rd
Phillips, ME 04966
Franklin October 2012 2nd crop baleage $40.00 a bale Foss Farm
Cecil Foss
67 Route 156
Wilton, ME 04294
Hancock  July 2015  Certified organic hay by MOFGA, quality product in the field, at my barn ,or possibly delivered. Prices vary from $3.65 to $5.00 per square bale from JD325 baler. Delivery prices vary and only local. (20 mi. ). Hay is mix of field grasses, clovers and rye with little Timothy and weeds. Salt Run Farm
Ben Gifford
119 Bridges Point Rd
Penobscot ME 04476
Kennebec August 2015 2nd and 3rd crop certified organic dry round bales, 4×4, good quality, stored inside.
Good quality wrapped baleage, first, second and 3rd crop, certified organic.
Delivery can be arranged.
Bullridge Farms
Henry Perkins
156 Bog Rd
Albion, ME 04910
Kennebec August 2015

First crop round bales  stored inside the day baled  big tight heavy bales  $50.00 each, second crop  $60.00 each

Austins Farm
David Austin
567 Winslow Rd
Albion, ME 04910
Kennebec August 2015 Sold out Pine Springs Farm
Jan Quimby
450 Cross Hill Rd
Augusta, ME 04330
Kennebec August 2012 Square bales for $3.50 1st crop 2012. Mulch for $2.50 (2012) Herman Lovejoy
4 Lovejoy Ln
Benton, ME 04901
Kennebec August 2015 Sold Out Longmeadows Farm
Xandy Brown
184 Unity Rd
Benton, ME 04901
Kennebec April 2013 4X5 round bales, timothy mix, kept undercover.
I can load them, but can not haul them.
Ledgerock Farm
Mary Street
154 Dondero Rd
Chelsea, ME 04330
Kennebec August 2011 Good quality horse and stock hay. Square bales: mixed timothy, brome and orchard grass.
No delivery available this year. Will help load.
Spring Hill Farm
Sue Suchar or Will Schultz
89 Maple Ridge Rd
China, ME 04358
Kennebec November 2013 2nd cut squares 4.50 bale discount with 100+Delivery within 15 miles Cates Family Farm
17 South Stanley Hill Rd
E. Vassalboro, ME 04935
Kennebec June 2013 2013 first and second crop hay. Will have approximately 500 bales first cut and 500 bales second cut. These are square bales. Hay is a mix of timothy, orchard, and reed canary. No delivery available; all hay to be picked up in field off wagons when baled. Price is $3.50 a bale. Can accept Visa or Mastercard with an additional charge of 4%. End of the World Farm
Ed Jarius
179 Bamford Pond Rd
Fayette, ME 04349
Kennebec September 2013 Sold out Ren-Rose Farm
Leo St Pierre
37 West Rd
Fayette, ME 04349
Kennebec October 2013 Sold Out Oaklands Farm
Logan Johnston
Oaklands Farm Rd
Gardiner, ME 04345
Kennebec August 2015 Horse quality timothy mix hay. Square bales. First and second cut. Call for pricing.
Limited delivery service.
Meadowmist Farm
Bart and Karen Barstis
499 Stevenstown Rd
Litchfield, ME 04350
207.462.0028 Bart
207.485.1745 Karen
Kennebec August 2015 In field is $4 a bale and in barn is $5 a bale.  Square bales. Pine Bluff Farms
Jeffrey Wiles
183 Pond Rd
Mount Vernon ME 04352
Kennebec August 2015 Timothy and clover. Quality is excellent.
30 lbs., square bales – limited quantities 1st & 2nd crop.
Delivery available within 35 miles.
Hornbeam Mountain Farm
Scott Herrick
529 Bean Rd
Mount Vernon, ME 04352
Kennebec August 2015 4×5 round hay mixed grass, horse quality. Delivery available. Walsh Farm
Peter Walsh
681 Bean Rd
Mount Vernon, ME 04352
August 2015 Sold out of 2015 horse hay.  Mulch hay $2.50.  Some mixed quality available $3.50. Delivery can be arranged. Symplicity Farm
Dave and Becky Symes
605 Nash Rd
Pittston, ME 04345
Kennebec August 2015 Currently have 153 bales of 1st Crop 2015 Feed Hay for sale at $4/50 per square bale at the barn. Hay is selling out fast this year due to a smaller crop because of the dry Spring. Moulton Farms
William Moulton
123 Moulton Rd
Pittston, ME 04345
Kennebec August 2015

Feed hay available as weather permits.

MacDonald Enterprises
Clarence MacDonald
518 Wiscasset Rd
Pittston, ME 04345
207.582.6590 or 207.215.8150 cell
Kennebec September 2013 Sold Out Oak Grove Farm
Jeremy Burbank
2579 Riverside Dr
Vassalboro, ME 04989
Kennebec July 2015 We are taking orders for 4×4 round bales off trailer or under cover for summer price of $30 each; square bales $2.75 off trailer only. Joe and Adele Suga
861 Cross Hill Rd
Vassalboro, ME 04989
Kennebec February 2015 Sold Out Hayman Farm
Don Eskelund
189 Heywood Rd
Winslow, ME 04901
Kennebec August 2015 Square bales, Timothy mix, horse quality hay Dorr Pond Farm
Jay Hussey
7 Harland Rd
Windsor, ME 04363
Kennebec September 2013 Sold Out Paul Reynolds and Son
Paul Reynolds
550 China Rd
Winslow, ME 04901
Knox April 2013 Mixed hay available now for cattle, horses, sheep and other livestock. Some from fertilized fields. Preservative can be applied at the buyers request. Both round and square bales available for delivery depending upon location. Aldermere Farm
Ron Howard
Aldermere Farm
70 Russell Ave
Rockport, ME 04856
Knox August 2015 Sold Out Agricola Farms
Mark F. Hedrich/Linda Rose
2282 Heald Highway
Union ME 04862
Knox August 2015 1st cut feed hay – mixed grasses (no weeds) – square & dry round bales
Round wrapped haylage bales
Limited supply this year. Call for availability. No Delivery.
7-Tree Farm
Ron & Matthias Hawes
2179 Heald Hwy
Union, ME 04862
207.785.4385 Ron daytime only
207.691.2697 Matthias
Lincoln  October 2014 Sold out for 2014 Pumpkin Vine Family Farm
Anil & Kelly Roopchand
217 Hewett Rd
Somerville ME 04348
Oxford April 2015 1st and 2nd crop square bales available. Excellent quality horse hay. Delivery available. Lone Mountain Farm
Phil Bailey
S Main St
Andover ME 04216
Oxford August 2015 We are sold out of 2015 1st cut. Check our web site for updates. Destiny Hill Farm
David Twitchell
157 Sam Rowe Hill Rd
Oxford, ME 04270
Oxford August 2015 High quality 1st crop horse/cattle hay. .  Square bales: $4.00 per bale at barn.  Will deliver with added cost. Thurston Family Farms
Wayne Thurston
45 Mineral Springs Rd
Peru, ME 04290
Oxford October 2013 Sold Out Stoneheart Farm
John Simmons
285 Streaked Mountain Rd
South Paris, ME 04281
Oxford July 2015 Conditioned square and round bales Bill Haynes
177 Sweden Rd
Waterford, ME 04088
Penobscot February 2015 We have first crop small square, round and big square bales available. We also have a small amount of second crop in small square and round. Three Moons Farm
Gary Mullen
PO Box 8199
Bangor, ME 04402
Penobscot August 2015 1st cut dry hay and baleage for sale for $40 at the farm. Clovercrest Farm
Steve Morrison
159 Atkinson Rd
Charleston, ME 04422
Penobscot March 2014 All hay is spoken for Speed Farm
Rick Speed
235 Garland Rd
Corinth, ME 04427
Penobscot August 2015 200 or more square bales from the summer of 2015. Easy pick-up. Please call first (717-3716) . Two types available. Early cut fine grasses. Late cut with herds grass mostly. All organic, however not certified. Small lots being sold weekly for feed to goats,sheep, and young cattle. $4.00 per bale at the barn. Your inspection welcomed. Aspenworks Northeast
Alfred Lee
120 Silvers Mills Rd
Dexter ME 04930
Penobscot August 2015 4000 square bales 200 Dry round bales and 400 baggage bales Hidden Acre Farm
Brent Grover
540 Old County Rd
Etna, ME 04434
Penobscot August 2015 1st and 2nd Crop Hay
Fertilized and Limed Fields
Taking Orders for 2015 Cuttings.100 Bale Min.
Delivery Fee Amount Depends on Distance Traveled
Breezy Acres Farm
Gena Fernald
27 Ave. Rd. Ext.
Exeter ME 04435
Penobscot August 2015 You hay, you take! Great soil, great field. Not certified organic however no chemicals used/spread. Would love a rescue or farm in need hay the field. I need 200 bales for my donkeys, the rest to whomever hays. Please email if interested. Lazy Ass Farm
Sarah Novak
1211 Kennebec Rd
Hampden ME 04444
Penobscot May 2015 We have square bales of feed and mulch hay Glidden Farm
Jon Glidden
74 Station Rd
Millinocket ME 04462
Penobscot June 2014 First hay off the field is in.  Roughly (150) 4×4 large rounds.  Mixed grasses.  Selling out of the field plus putting some in storage.Have tested corn silage still available.Have a few bales of baleage left from previous season. Bartlett Farm
Richie Bartlett
2294 Kennebec Rd
Newburgh, ME 04444
Penobscot August 2015 When available, feed and mulch hay (square bales) are for sale at the barn.   For info on price and availability, visit
It is easiest to reach us by email in the summer.   Please contact us to set up a time to come by.
Rock Island Farm
Hetty Richardson
431 Main St
Orono, ME 04473
Penobscot August 2015 1st and 2nd cutting timothy, red clover and orchard grass.
4×5 round bales for sale $35.00 each Delivery can be arranged; price depends on distance.
Mycroft & Son
Bob Mycroft
218 Happy Corner Rd
Patten, ME 04765
Penobscot August 2015 We really are organic but not certified! Selling squares out of the field for $3.50 bale/$3.75 barn. Selling rounds out of the field/barn $35.  Excellent quality!!! Never rained on.  Call – no answer, leave message and we will get back to you.  Get your winter supply now as we are taking orders. Cedar Valley Farm
Robert & Louise Guptill
606 Happy Corner Rd
Patten, ME 04765
Cell/Robert 538.0158
Cell/Louise 538.0157
Penobscot September 2013 2013 1st crop hay available, all bales are pure timothy and weigh 40+/- lbs. McNeally Farms
Enid or Robert McNeally
540 North Rd
Patten, ME 04765
207.892.9660 or 207.592.0060
Penobscot August 2015 Excellent quality second crop square bales of mixed grass from fertilized and limed fields. Hay is 4/bale from the wagon or 4.75 from the barn. We are located 10 miles from exit 161 I95. Tractor trailer accessible.  Please call or email for availability.   Mr. Sunshine Acres
Scott Bruns
733 Mount Pleasant Rd
Stetson ME 04488
Penobscot August 2015 Sold Out Fancy Meadows Farm, LLC
Ann or Mike Kenny
2 Highview Terr
Veazie, ME 04401
Piscataquis October 2013 Sold Out Stone Ridge Farm
Mike Russell
248 Maple Rd
Atkinson, ME 04426
Piscataquis May 2015 2015 4×4 round from fertilized fields. June or second cut, $30. July cut, $25. Excellent horse hay. Can do squares if you pick up in field, $4. Can also do wrapped balelage, $35.  Sold from field as cut or from barn. Breakneck Ridge Farm
Steve Hobart
60 Mountain Rd
Blanchard Twp ME 04406
Piscataquis July 2014 We have 300 bales of mulch hay ready at 3.00 per bale
We have 150 bales of horse hay 3.75Will deliver extra charge
Treadwell Farm
Hollis Treadwell
321 Schoodic Lake Rd
Brownville ME 04414
Piscataquis August 2015 Great quality horse hay available. Large square bales, no dust or mold. Some mulch hay available. Moreno Farm
Andres Moreno
144 Anderson Rd
Dover-Foxcroft, ME 04426
Piscataquis December 2013 Sold out for 2013 – will have more in the 2014 crop. Rusted Rooster Farm
60 Cates Rd
Parkman, ME 04443
Piscataquis August 2015 Hay out of field, square bales, Timothy and clover, $3.00 per bale.  Mulch hay available, $2.00 per bale. Bill Kulas
Kulas Farms
15 Kulas Road
Parkman, Maine 04443
Piscataquis July 2015 Horse hay available, first crop at $3.00 per bale in barn. Second crop starts in August. Call to put in orders. From hay wagons in field at $3.00 per bale. Ruland Farm
Mary Santoro
495 State Hwy 150
Parkman, ME 04443
Piscataquis August 2015 Organic dry – Small 40 lb bales. Delivery available. Oakes Farm
Stanley Sullivan
103 Grant Rd
Sangerville ME 04479
Piscataquis February 2013 4′ x 4′ mixed hay round bales hard core, stored inside, and July cut. Pick up at farm or delivery (for a fee) within 25 miles of Sangerville. Payment due at pickup or delivery. Gilrock Farm
George Nuite
976 Silvers Mill Rd
Sangerville, ME 04479
Sagadahoc January 2014 Newly seeded fields for horse foragePick up in the field,  or pick up from the barn. Delivery may be possible at anextr charge. Rocky Ridge Orchard
Frederick Sprague
38 Rocky Ridge Ln
Bowdoin ME 04287
Sagadahoc August 2015 First cut hay $4 out of the wagon and $5 out of the barn. Second crop $5 out of the wagon. Round bale horse hay $55 out of the barn. Brooks Beef and Hay
Mike or Darlene
546 West Burrough Rd
Bowdoin, ME 04287
Sagadahoc June 2015 Taking names for hay orders
$3.75 off wagon
Round bales not wrapped $30.00
Call 353-6532
Hope to be starting end of June
McIver Farm
Arlene McIver
526 West Burrough Rd
Bowdoin, ME 04287
Sagadahoc August 2015 Sold Out Sandelin Farm
Harold Sandelin
82 Old Augusta Rd
Topsham ME 04086
Sagadahoc December 2013 Horse quality feed hay. Square bale timothy mix hay for sale out of barn for $4.50 per bale. All natural/no chemicals used to grow or dry our hay. These fields are very nice and have been mowed for 30+ years. Hay is stored inside a dry barn. This hay has been tested and results show that it is very nice maintenance hay for winter. Test results available if interested. Large amounts available.Delivery available for a fee. Larry & Hollie Paul
49 Touassic Ln
Woolwich ME 04579
207.542.8173 call or text
Somerset June 2015 4 x 5 Round Bails and Square Bails . Fields contain wild grasses. Delivery available for a negotiable fee. Pick up always welcome. Please call to make arrangements. Foss Farm
Nathaniel Foss
124 Hartland Rd
Athens ME 04912
Somerset April 2013 Tight 4×4 round bales, approx. 400 lbs. apiece.  Mixed grass, no chemicals.  Horse quality, stock quality, and mulch bales available. Bulk discounts, will load for you.  Local delivery is negotiable.  Always taking orders for upcoming seasons.  Call with questions or for more information. Eden Farm
Kassie Dwyer
Brighton Rd
Athens, ME 04912
Somerset December 2014 4×5 round bales of dry hay stored undercover. First cut $40. second cut $50.  Loaded on to your trailer at Dostie Farm.  Highest quality. Dostie Farm
Egide  Dostie
68 Middle Rd
Fairfield ME 04937
Somerset June 2015 Timothy, weed free, fertilized & tested 500# double net wrapped bales that stay together for handling and stacking. 500 bales available for first crop, 250 second crop. Delivery possible, cost depends on distance. This forage is put up on the home farm by pony clubbers/horse owners who know what it takes to make the best possible dry hay for horses working every day. Hay is always tested/analyzed for you to make informed decisions about grain or supplements for your critters. Hubbard Enterprises
Dale Hubbard
2200 Athens Rd
Hartland ME 04943
207.938.4219 home
207-299.4262 cell
Somerset August 2015 Sold Out Gale Marshall
240 E Madison Rd
Madison, ME 04950
Somerset August 2015 Horse hay square and round timothy and native grasses.
Delivery available at extra cost.
Beem Farm
Gary Beem
151 Oxbow Rd
Palmyra, ME 04965
Somerset August 2015 Square bales Timothy/clover $4.00 stored in barn. Round bales timothy/clover 4×4 600lbs. $35.00 Excellence for horses and goats! Windy Hollow Farms
Philip Connolly
1659 Main St
Pittsfield ME 04967
Somerset November 2013 4×5 round bales dry hay covered under tarps. Pick up at farm. Broadcrest Farm
Andrew Sevey
470 West Ripley Rd
Ripley ME 04930
Somerset October 2013 4×4 dry round bales kept under cover
4×4 1st and 2nd crop baleage
Bruce Ballard
517 Palmyra Rd
St Albans, ME 04971
Somerset October 2013 Sold Out Sandy River Alpacas, LLC
Kendall Hanna
1005 New Sharon Rd
Starks, ME 04911
Somerset May 2015 Very good quality horse and livestock hay should be available by the end of June. Square bales – timothy, mixed grass and clover – few, if any weeds. No deliveries. Call for prices. Hyl-Tun Farm
Ernie & Gwen Hilton
8 Old Ferry Rd
Starks, ME 04911
207.399.9866 or 207.399.8699
Waldo May 2015 50 lb. square bales (usually baled by mid-August)
Only 100 bales for sale at $5.00 per bale.No Delivery Available – Pick Up Only @ 52 Poors Mill Rd by appointment only.The farmhouse is leased to Christopher & Jennifer Cunningham . They have 2 small children so when approaching the premises be extra cautious to look out for children on the grounds. Do not come if you have not first made an appointment to
pick up the hay bales with Robert Toran at 617-894-7380 so that the farmhouse tenants may receive proper advance notice that you will be coming to get the hay with a truck. This requirement is imperative and any trespassing upon the property will be reported to the police. Thank you for your cooperation.
Meadowbrook Farm
Robert ToranFarm Address:
52 Poors Mill Rd
Belfast ME 04915Owner’s Summer Address:
292 Main Rd. Islesboro ME 04848617.894.7380 or 207.734.8174
Waldo January 2014 Sold Out Longview Hay Farm
Ben Bucklin
144 Augusta Rd
Belmont, ME 04952
207.342.5128 or 207.249.8112
Waldo August 2015 Mulch hay for $3.50 and 1st crop for $4.50 a bale and $5.50 fpr 2nd crop/ Easy loading. Roaring Acres Farm
William Hegstrom
167 Reynolds Rd
Brooks, ME 04921
Waldo August 2015 Hay for 2013. We have first crop square bales for $3.50, second crop square bales for $5.00. We also have first crop round bales for $30.00. We also have first crop and second crop wrapped baleage. We can deliver locally, load or arrange Tractor Trailer. Call or email for details. Royal View Farm
Ronanne Haigh
PO Box 348
Brooks, ME 04921
Waldo August 2015 Timothy mixed with red clover, orchard and canary reed grass. square bales are around 60-65lbs. Next cutting will be around the 1st of August provided the weather holds. If we cut then, Hay will be ready in the field the following Sunday. Call for updates. We charge $3.75 for in field hay. $4.75 in the barn.If you come with a flat bed trailer, we will load you from the field and give you in field price. Stantial Brook Farm, Inc
Rick Thompson & Izzy McKay
146 Underpass Rd
Brooks, ME 04921
Waldo March 2014 All hay is spoken for Wentworth Hill Farms
Lance Oliver
21 Wentworth Hill
Brooks, ME 049211
207.322.3081 or 207.722.3349
Waldo August 2015 Second crop for $5.00 per bale Square bales.
4×4 bales- First crop for $40.00 and Second crop for $50.00
Whit’s End Farm
David & Alisa Oliver
35 Dodge Rd
Burnham, ME 04922
Waldo August 2015 We have normal “small” square bales of horse hay, 3x3x7 big square bales of horse hay, 4×4 round bales of horse hay and 4×4 round bales of silage. 1st, 2nd and 3rd cutting totaling over 100,000 bales. We can deliver full 18 wheeler loads to anywhere in New England. Please call or email for a quote. We also have oats, straw and corn silage available. 3D Farm Products
Marshall Daly
9 Old County Rd
Knox, ME 04986


Waldo July 2015 Square bales of varieties of Timothy , clover and other. First cut. About 34 inches long/35 pounds per bale. We sell primarily to horse, goat, and sheep farms. $3.75/bale at the farm.As of 6/12/15 we have about 2000 bales available. Call for pricing-our truck hauls 245 bales. Knox Ridge Farm
Lee Kinney
40 Maple Ln
Knox ME 04986
Waldo February 2015 We still have some excellent quality 2nd cutting hay for sale. These are 45-50 lb. bales We deliver in minimum 100 bale loads. Halldale Farm, Inc
Glenn or Bethany Couturier
938 Halldale Rd
Montville, ME 04941
207.382.6255 or 207.323.4316
Waldo August 2014 4 X 5 round bales. $40 each. Mixed grass hay. First crop, under cover. Most from fertilized fields. Approximately 60 bales left. No delivery but will load. Millie and Bemps Farm
Tim Hall
48 Fox Hollow Ln
Northport ME 04849
Waldo March 2014 Sold out Haskell Farm LLC
Jesse Haskell
1181 Western Ridge Rd
Palermo, ME 04354
Waldo January 2014 Sold Out Mel Lidstone
Unity, ME 04988
Waldo December 2013 Sold Out Ken Murch
Murch Farms
Unity, ME 04988
Waldo October 2013 4×4 round bales from fertilized fields, under cover, about 100 available. Local delivery is available. Log Cabin Lamb and Wool
Betty Hauger
443 Stream Rd
Winterport, ME 04496
Washington September 2013 Mixed grass hay, small square bales.  Good for horses or cattle. $4 a bale for feeding hay and $3 for mulch. Rudelitch Farm
Margaret Rudelitch
1612 Main St
Harrington, ME 04643
Washington August 2015 Sold Out Chandler River Farm
Gerry Herger
433 Station Rd
Jonesboro, ME 04648
207.263.8458 cell
Washington August 2015 Timothy, clover, bluegrass mix
All fields were fertilized this spring.
No delivery.
We also deal in shavings and straw. Am taking orders for out of the field.
Harmon Farm
John Harmon
733 Main St
Princeton, ME 04668
York August 2015 Pasture grass blend. 1st cut sold out for 2015. Alpaca Fields, Inc.
Patricia, Lisa or Richard Houde
233 School St
Berwick, ME 03901
York July 2013 All prices shown are for delivered and stacked hay.
$6.00 square bale, $45.00 round bale, $35.00 wrapped silage/haylage bale.
All fields (timothy, alfalfa, as well as meadow mixes) are sprayed with Crossbow® weed killer, and fertilized before and after 1st crop. Hay is very fine and looks great. Good hay for fussy horses, goats, and rabbits. Price negotiable if you pick up. Delivery upon request price is already worked into cost per bale. Servicing all of New England as well as New York. (New York delivery fee is subject to change with costs of fuel.)
Where the Dirt Starts Farm
Aaron Lessard
136 Dennett Rd
Biddeford, ME 04005
York January 2013 First crop: timothy, clover mix

Second crop: timothy, clover, alfalfa mix. High quality from well-kept fields.

Will Deliver.

$4.00 for first, $6.00 for second crop. Discounts for large orders. Can deliver up to 350 square bales at a time for a fee, depending on travel time and fuel prices.

Al Dube Quarter Horses
Aaron Banks
716 South St
Biddeford, ME 04005
York August 2015 Sold Out
Weymouth Farm
Harry Weymouthq
909 Long Plains Rd
Buxton ME 04093
York September 2013 Timothy  and clover from seeded and fertilized fields. Top quality horse hay. We also produce beautiful nutritious 2nd crop for horses, alpacas and llamas and sheep.

Mulch hay can be delivered on site.

Delivery available within reasonable distance from Buxton/ Gorham area. Can deliver anywhere from 50 bales to 1,000 or more. Tractor trailers welcome.

Over 40 years producing quality horse hay.  Visit our website

Desperation Ridge Farm
Bill & Linda Fuller
29 Spruce Swamp Rd W
Buxton, ME 04093
York August 2013 Horse hay – take left onto Spur Road out of Limerick. In 1000 ft. will see Joe Berry Road.  Go 2 miles to brown house on right, old cape house close to the road. Will see field and barn first. Two driveways. First to barn where hay will be delivered. Poore Farm
Linda Olson
100 Joe Berry Road
Cornish, ME  04020
York June 2013 Hay for sale for 2013 season. $3.50 per bale, you pick it up out of hay wagon. Delivery is available for a slightly higher charge. Call Jim at 207.468.7902 Silvertree Farm
Jim and Gloria Howard
238 Alewive Rd
Kennebunk, ME 04043
207.468.7902 Jim
207.468.4025 Gloria
York August 2015 5,000 bales of top quality hay from meticulously maintained and fertilized fields available for pickup in the field as we bale or from undercover storage or delivered within a 50 mile radius. call or e-mail for pricing.Will deliver for a fee within 50 miles of the farm. We can deliver in increments of 50 bales up to 350 bales at a time. Please contact us for haying dates if interested in picking up in the field. Milk and Honey Farm
Ray and Kerry Houle
380 Emery Corner Rd
Limerick ME 04048
York August 2013 Excellent quality 2nd crop alfalfa hay, $6.00/bale.
Excellent quality 2nd crop mixed grass hay, $5.50/bale. Delivery can be arranged.
Alderwood Farms, Inc
Tony Carroll
47 Elm St
Limerick, ME 04048
207.793.2084 home
207.929.0258 cell
York July 2014 2014 First Crop Hay – 4×4 Round – $25 in field, $35 delivered locally (10 minimum). 4×5 Round – $35 in field, $45 delivered locally (10 minimum).
Squares – $4.00 on wagon. Call 201-247-6518 for delivery of wagon-load.
Cutting fields in Lyman, Waterboro, Alfred, Sanford, Dayton,and Buxton.
Tibbetts Family Farm
John Tibbetts
765 Clarkswoods Rd
Lyman ME 04002
York August 2013 Sold Out Hay By Gray Farm
Stephen Gray
276 Old N Berwick Rd
Lyman, ME 04002
York September 2013 Grass clover mix, 40 lb. square bales – 600 available.
Pick up in the field $3.25 bale. Fields in Kennebunkport on Goose Rocks Road. We are still selling hay for the 2014 cutting season. We mainly sell hay out of the field and not over the winter from the barn.
The Taylor Farm
Suzan and Dean Taylor
53 Avalon Ln
Lyman, ME 04002
York July 2014 Quality first crop hay in barn or field
Quality second crop hay in barn
Some mulch hay availableDelivery available call or email for price , we can bring convare if need and stack
Natures Acres LLC
Shawn & Heather Eastman
PO Box 656
381 High St
North Berwick M 03906
York August 2015 1st and 2nd cut timothy and clover mix, $5.50 and $6.50 per bale. Some mulch hay available at $4 per bale. Bale weight is 50 to 60 lbs. Delivery possible with extra charge. Timber Ridge Farm
Doreen Metcalf
221 Simpson Rd
Saco, ME 04072
York October 2013 Horse quality timothy/timothy mix hay, square bales.
Delivery is available.
We specialize in horse quality hay/shavings and Nutrena® feeds. We’re “Keeping local business local.”
The Hay Loft Farm Supplies, LLC
Cathy McLean

3 McLean Dr South
Berwick, ME 03908
New Brunswick February 2015 4×4 round bale hay (first and second cut)
4×4 round bale straw (oat straw)
square bale hay
square bale straw34 round bales to a load
465 square bales to a loadDaniel purchased Larry and Marilyn Kennedy’s Farm in 2012-2013
Daniel Alexander Ltd
130 St Thomas Rd,
St Thomas NB E7P 2X5
New Brunswick August 2015 40-45 lb. small squares – mixed hay; 800 lb. 3x3x7 large square bales – mixed hay. Also available: small squares of construction hay.Large quantity of 3x3x7 straw bales available.All small square loads are approximately 800 bales. All large square loads are 57 bale loads. Delivery available to eastern US and eastern Canada. Neil Hallett & Sons
Neil Hallett
9 Johnston Rd
Lansdowne, NB E7L 4K3
Quebec August 2015 Nice timothy hay, not dusty, nice color for a load of approximately 680 bales. For a price delivery please give me your zip code. Also, wood shavings are available in 3.25 cubic foot plastic bags, direct from the mills. Heritage Export Plus
Steve Roy
970 Chapman
Ancienne Lorette, QB G2E5Y3

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