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Frequent Specimens - Spiders

Spiders Fact Sheet (UMaine Extension)

Photos of some spiders found in Maine:

See also:

  • Spiders (Penn State) (includes photos)
  • Spiders (Joint publication between Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa)
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  • You can find a lot of spider photos at, as well as throughout the following individual spider pages:
    • Banded Garden Spiders (Banded Argiope) (Colorado State Univ. Extension)
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    • Marbled Orb Weaver (Penn State) (includes photos)
    • Nursery-Web & Fishing Spiders (University of Kentucky)
    • Wolf Spiders (Penn State) (includes photo)
    • a Black Widow spiderNOT NATIVE TO MAINE / RARELY FOUND IN MAINE: 1). Black Widow [pdf] (Ohio State Univ.) (includes photo) [Non-native, but sometimes hitches a ride into Maine via packages, cargo, etc.--most often via shipments of produce from out-of-state; The Northern Black Widow, however, may be an infrequent inhabitant as far north as central Maine.] 2). Brown Recluse [pdf] (Ohio State Univ.) (includes photo) (Non-native, and thus extremely rare in Maine–only possible if brought in from out-of-state) (US Distribution Map for Brown Recluse) 3). Hobo Spider (also known as the Aggressive House Spider) (Montana State University)

NOTE: People have varying sensitivity to spider bites. In rare cases, some individuals with highly sensitive or weakened immune systems may have a significant to severe reaction to a bite from an otherwise harmless spider, and there are many spiders that homeowners mistakenly suspect to be the Brown Recluse. Misdiagnoses are thus very common.  (See also University of California Riverside’s Causes of Necrotic Wounds other than Brown Recluse Spider Bites)


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