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Alphabetical List of Critters - Apple Maggot

The Apple Maggot (Rhagoletis pomonella) is a pest of several fruits but most especially, apples.  It also goes by the name of railroad worm. The fly is slightly smaller than a house fly, with a white dot on its thorax and a characteristic black banding shaped like an “F” (or a backwards “F” depending on your vantage point) on its wings (see photo below). The larva, which is the damaging stage of this pest, is similar to a typical fly larva or maggot. Codling moth larvae and other apple ‘worms’ are often confused with the apple maggot. In general, however, moth larvae, i.e. caterpillars, feed mostly in the apple’s core whereas apple maggots feed on the flesh portion of the fruit. 

Detailed Fact Sheets:

Apple Maggot (both fly stage and larvae are shown)


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