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Educational Programs - Maine Harvest for Hunger

The Maine Harvest for Hunger project is an outreach program of the  University of Maine Cooperative Extension to provide  fresh fruits and vegetables to food insecure individuals and families in  Maine. 

Most Wanted: Fruit of all types, carrots,  cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers,  winter squash, onions, and  potatoes.

Why Maine Harvest for Hunger is so Important: 14.9% of Maine  households, representing approximately 200,000 individuals, are “food  insecure”. Maine ranks 18th in the nation and 1st in New England in terms of  food insecurity. 24%, or nearly 1 in every 4 children, are food insecure.

Master Gardeners and all types of farmers all over Maine are invited to  participate.

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Participating in Maine Harvest for Hunger 2014 is as easy as clicking on the links below:

It’s not too late! Every home gardener in Maine can donate extra produce. How about you? Will you consider making a difference. In 2013, over 23,000 pounds of produce was donated in Cumberland County through Maine Harvest for Hunger.

To report your donation, click here!

 ♥Total Pounds donated so far this season: 1,832♥

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“Yesterday, over 80% of the produce used in our meal was donated through the harvest for hunger program.”- Don Morrison, Operations Manager of Wayside Food Programs. 7-31-14 

Some great videos about Maine Harvest for Hunger:

Maine Harvest for Hunger

What is Maine Harvest for Hunger?

Maine Harvest for Hunger: Yarmouth Community Gardens

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