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Maine Woods Adventure Programs - Mountain Scramblers (ages 10-12)

campers raise a flagAs the introduction to our popular “Survivor Camp” programs, Mountain Scrambler sets the stage for a high-energy adventurous week of survival skills and personal challenge! Physical and mental challenges will be based on the “Order of Survival,” building shelters and making fire, and overcoming other obstacles. Cooperation will allow teams an opportunity to find success in a back-country setting. Unique team challenges will present exciting twists on skill building, navigation, and safely enjoying the outdoors.

Different from our primitive path programs, the focus will be on modern-day survival situations.

Ages: 10 – 12

Program Dates:
6/29/14 – 7/4/14
8/17/14 – 8/22/14 Session FULL

Cost: $625.00

What to bring list: Word | PDF

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