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Maine 4-H Foundation

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2013 Annual Report

2013 Annual report (PDF)

The Maine 4-H Foundation…
Supporting 4-H Memories and a Lasting Heritage


The Maine 4-H Foundation cultivates, promotes and secures financial resources to support the 4-H Youth Development program statewide. The University of Maine Cooperative Extension oversees the 4-H Youth Development program as part of the National Land Grant mission.

Dear 4-H Community,

4-H is all about making a difference in the lives of young people across Maine. The University of Maine 4-H Youth Development program changes lives, inspires success, and encourages achievement. Supporting the statewide efforts of our volunteers and staff is the primary goal of the 4-H Foundation Board of Trustees and staff. We appreciate your support to 4-H now and in the future.

Carla Lafayette
President, Maine 4-H Foundation

In 2013 there were over 30,000 Maine youth engaged in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education, agriculture, healthy lifestyles, environmental conservation, clubs, leadership, entrepreneurship and service.

The Heart of 4-H is our youth! Here is what they have to say about 4-H in 2013!

4-H makes a difference in every young life. A 2012-2013 evaluation study of the Maine 4-H STEM middle school program reported that:

The advantages of 4-H participation also include higher educational achievement and higher motivation for future education.

Young people in 4-H:

Participants had this to say:

Maine 4-H Foundation Support in 2013

Maine 4-H Foundation program support helping young people to learn and raise their aspirations:

New for 2014 will be Science Messy Labs and a new Robotics Expo for our 4-H Youth!!

Distinguished Maine 4-H Foundation Impacts

“I see young people engaged in learning for the first time in their lives, it is the hands-on excitement and real life connection.” — Laurie, Teacher

“4-H makes a real difference, every young person should be in 4-H. It is awesome!” — Meryl, 4-H Volunteer

“I became a leader in agricultural education, an advocate for environmental conservation and a passionate volunteer. Thanks to 4-H, I am who I am.” — Sarah, 4-H Volunteer

“The 4-H program has really helped my son, he now has goals and aspirations.” — Oxford Hills MS Parent

Maine 4-H Foundation Financial Report

The Maine 4-H Foundation finance committee ensures the endowment holdings are invested with highly skilled and professional investment managers. The following investment profile for 2013 returned a strong yield and investment gain.

Maine 4-H Foundation Portfolio Investments and Values

December 2012 October 31, 2013
Tanglewood School 97,424.68 118,344.20
Tanglewood Fin. Aid 9,846.07 11,189.19
Oxton Trust  140,299.44  172,996.09
Oxford County 4-H and Scholarship Fund  107,275.87  129,584.40
Oxford County Afterschool  53,318.16  64,006.23
Maine 4-H Foundation  1,256,476.96  1,472,004.06
Farm Credit Scholarship  26,897.54  32,744.39
RBC Wealth Management (Azure Dillon & Chute Endowment)  85,848.24  92,963.59
UMaine Baird Fund  51,682.23  55,952.31
UMaine Humphrey Scholarship  11,849.31  12,596.36
UMaine Hutchinson Scholarship  16,108.37  17,641.18
UMaine 4-H Endowment  1,036,710.94  1,104,007.16
UMaine Wayne Rich Scholarship  18,990.46  20,556.06
2,912,728.27 3,304,584.70

* University of Maine Foundation distributions to the Maine 4-H Foundation prior to Sept 30, 2013 equaled $56,057.

Our Current 2013 Endowments

Endowment Funds:

  • 4-H Lafayette STEM Endowment
  • Azure Dillon Scholarship
  • Claude F. Clement Scholarship
  • Doris Dow Ladd Scholarship
  • Evelyn Trotzky Scholarship
  • Farm Credit/Gladys Conant Scholarship
  • Frederick E. Hutchinson 4-H Scholarship
  • Harold and Marion Chute Scholarship
  • Jackie Conant Scholarship Endowment (Bryant Pond)
  • Oxford County 4-H Endowment
  • Oxford County Afterschool MKA Endowment
  • Oxton Trust (Knox Lincoln)
  • Tanglewood School Endowment
  • Tanglewood Financial Aid Endowment
  • Theda Parker/K.C. Lovejoy Scholarship
  • Verna Church Witter Scholarship
  • Wayne S. Rich Scholarship

As a donor to the Maine 4-H Foundation, you support a remarkable land-grant institution and the educational outreach through University of Maine Cooperative Extension programs. This past year the University of Maine received the nation’s highest overall performance rating for a land-grant university by the Education Trust. The 4-H Youth Development program works hard to bring the University of Maine educational research to young people across the state.

The Maine 4-H Foundation proudly supports the achievements of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension in education, research and development. Through endowed scholarships and educational funds you help give 4-H members the gift of quality education and higher aspirations. You help them reach new and unexpected goals. Thank you for your support.

The 2013 Maine 4-H Foundation Board of Directors

Our Goal

The Maine 4-H Foundation professional staff and statewide Board of Directors are passionate about ensuring that 4-H supporters are able to direct their investment to what matters most to them, whether it is demonstrating that we are developing a science-literate workforce, ensuring that 4-H youth commit to living healthy and active lives, protecting their environment or by creating a movement of civically aware youth engaged in their communities. As the official private support group of the University of Maine 4-H Youth Development Program, the Maine 4-H Foundation generates investment in young people who are addressing the big issues facing Maine today. The Maine 4-H Foundation will ensure that support from donors will follow their heart and passions while contributing to our youth programming.

Our Role

The Maine 4-H Foundation raises funds from private sources to support the mission of the 4-H program: To educate and empower Maine youth through hands-on and community-based experiences, and ensure that Maine youth acquire the knowledge, life skills, leadership abilities and attitudes to help them succeed now and in the future through effective collaborations, hands-on experiential education and self-directed learning.

How to Give

The Maine 4-H Foundation welcomes gifts of cash, property, investments, securities, life insurance, retirement plan assets, and bequests. We are very willing to meet with individuals who would like to support 4-H through any of our giving options. Please feel free to contact Susan Jennings, Executive Director of the Maine 4-H Foundation.

Maine 4-H Foundation
5717 Corbett Hall, Room 310
Orono, Maine 04469-5741
Phone: 207.581.3188, 800.287.0274 (in Maine) or 800.287.8957 (TDD)

© 2014

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Contact Information

Maine 4-H Foundation
5717 Corbett Hall, Room 310
Orono, Maine 04469-5717
Phone: 207.581.3188, 800.287.0274 (in Maine) or 800.287.8957 (TDD)E-mail:
The University of Maine
Orono, Maine 04469
A Member of the University of Maine System