ANNOUNCEMENT: Spring 2020 is the last semester in which a student can earn Engaged Black Bear or Engaged Clipper badges. Credly, UMaine’s badging platform, will no longer be in operation to issue EBB badges. If you have earned an EBB badge in the past you should have received an email from Credly. EBB badge earners who wish to preserve their badges must download them. These are the things you can still do with your preserved badge: send people to view it via existing links, viewers can verify the badge when they are viewing it, you can download your badge, and you can always request deletion.

The things you can NO LONGER do with a badge once preserved: share to LinkedIn, Facebook, and email. Only public badges will be preserved. The Engaged Black Bear Initiative is being re-designed. Badges and micro-credentials will move to the University of Maine System beginning Fall 2020. Look for these new, work-based badges and micro-credential pathways starting Fall 2020! Be sure to check back then for further information. Thank you for your continued engagement! Develop the skills employers are seeking!

Any student who was attempting to earn and Engaged Black Bear Badge during Spring 2020 should contact Claire Sullivan at to discuss your situation.

Employers are looking!

Employers want YOUR skills. Show them that you have what it takes by completing an Engaged Black Bear pathway!

As part of Education Design Lab’s #TeeUpTheSkills 21st Century Skills badging initiative, Northern Light Health and Bangor Savings Bank will review the resumes of students with a critical thinking badge. Find out how YOU can earn this badge and stand out to employers!

21st Century Skills

Build your skills! Once you complete all three levels of an Engaged Black Bear pathway, you can earn the meta badge! Simply fill out the 21st century skills checklist of all the skills you gained throughout your journey to stand out to employers.