Welcome to Writing Studies at UMaine!

Housed in the Department of English, Writing Studies is served by outstanding graduate students and award-winning instructors, and has a rich history of being on the cutting edge of writing instruction and writing research.  It serves the writing needs of undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Maine.  Through the numerous local organizations that its directors and instructors belong to, we also provide teaching, research, and professional development opportunities throughout the state of Maine and Northern New England.

We offer a wide variety of writing-intensive classes at all levels of undergraduate education, from English 101 to upper-division courses.  We also offer a Professional Writing Minor and, through our Writing Center, tutor support for writing.  Through the Engineering Communication Project, we provide specialized help to novice engineers as they learn the ways of writing that are required in their disciplines.

Graduate students can receive training in teaching composition, as well as professional and technical writing.  Coursework that trains students in empirical research on writing, in addition to professional development opportunities to develop presentations, publications, and job application materials is also available.

This site provides information for undergraduates, graduates, and teachers interested in writing-intensive work and the study of writing.  Recent news and upcoming opportunities can be seen on our blog page.  Those interested in the rich and successful history of writing instruction at UMaine can learn more about the Writing Instruction History Project to understand the century of development that the program has gone through.