Alexander Fish

Alexander Fish, Ph.D. StudentAlex holding an owl
Advisor: Erik Blomberg – Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Conservation Biology
Co-Advisor:  Amber Roth – Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Conservation Biology and School of Forest Resources
Start Date:  Fall 2017
M.S. 2017, Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology; North Carolina State University; Raleigh, NC
B.S. 2009, Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology; University of Minnesota; Minneapolis, MN, 207.581.2921

Brief Biography: Born and raised in the land of 10,000 lakes, I am a true Minnesotan and even have the accent to prove it!  When not in front of my work computer or driving across the country for fieldwork, I am addicted to exercise (distance running, cross-country skiing), organize science communication events, hunting, fishing, or playing strategy board games.

Current Research: I am broadly interested in population dynamics and ecology of forest-dependent wildlife.  My research focuses on how demographic and land-use practices influence wildlife population change.  Overarchingly, my dissertation is focused on migratory ecology of the American woodcock and developing methods estimate survival during migration.  I helped to establish the Eastern Woodcock Migration Research Cooperative (EWMRC), to deploy GPS satellite transmitters across eastern North America.  For more information, to view migratory track, and to stay up to date with my project, visit

American woodcock (Scolopax minor) migratory ecology in eastern North America